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As most people know, last year was not the great for me, but the only thing that was together was my blog. But the last few months, I’ve felt very lost with my blog. I ran two, this one and a gaming one, and I didn’t feel happy with it or myself. Things in my own life were going wrong, I had to take on a lot of responsibility and wanted to fulfil my dreams of streaming/creating videos and/or getting more involved within the social media industry. 

Well this month, I decided to change everything. I started my streaming, and realised, I identify with something different than what I did before. My blog’s name was “Chronically Royal” and although it matched me quite well, I wanted a more vibrant, self expressive feel to my blog and my social media.

My favourite colour is yellow, my favourite flower is sunflowers, and I’ve noticed them seeping into my life a lot more lately. Maybe I’m sub-consciously filling it with these things because of the bad times? But, I’m still chronically, I’m still there with my illnesses! So I chose “Chronical Sunflower“. I’ve changed everything, deleted some social media and switched over to my gaming blog’s social media, as I felt happiest being on them accounts, as I felt I wasn’t trying to impress anyone having them.

My streams are off to a great start (watch here), with nearly reaching Twitch Affiliate and I’ve took a break away from my blog, and started a few posts I’m yet to schedule! I’m also in the works of switching over my favourite posts from my gaming blog, so I can integrate them both together!

So my new niches are;
  • Gaming
  • Lifestyle
  • Chronic Illness
  • Beauty

Or pretty much, anything I enjoy!

Although this was short, I felt it was best to explain myself. And my DA will go down again, but let’s be more chill and have a good time!

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