50 Things That Make Me Happy

About 2 weeks ago, The Lazy Day Project tagged me to do 50 Things That Make me Happy! I had Invisible Disabilities Week going on at the time, so had to reschedule it for the week after!

My Happiness List

1. My partner Daniel

2. Sox the Spoodle
3. My Family.
4. Harry Potter.
5. Anything Yellow
6. Sunflowers.
7. Paladins.
8. My Nintendo 3DS
9. My Nintendo Switch
10. The Countryside
11. Portrush
12. Netflix.
13. Blue Skies, Light Breeze
14. Writing Blog Posts
15. Cleaning my Room (Some people wil be majorly shocked, but I do enjoy it)
16. Journalling / Studying
17. Going on adventures
18. Trying new food.
19. Helping/Gifting others
20. Playing Animal Crossing.
21. The Last of Us.
22. My PlayStation 4.
23. Talking to my facebook group Admins.
24. Taking Sox new places.
25. Teaching my niece and nephew new things.
26. Watching documentaries.
27. Sleeping.
28. Seeing my dad smile.
29. Playing with Makeup.
30. Buying comfy new clothes. 
31. Eating Veg! (Weirdly)
32. Learning about different cultures/disabilities.
33. Blogging.
34. Having Ice in drinks
35. Chips, not “Fries” 
36. Bubbly Chocolate. 
37. Days without Plans.
38. Summer Holidays
39. Sleepovers with my niece and nephews
40. Having a quiet drink of a Friday
41. Going to the theatre
42. Christmas
43. Being spoilt! 
44. Music
45. Lo-Fi Music
46. Animal Crossing Music
47. Going to Crosby Beach
48. Taking pictures/flatlays.
49. Autumnal clothing
50. Painting my nails.

What makes you happy? Why not create your own list!


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