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Yes, I am 20 years old and play Roblox, but I swear it wasn’t a choice…

I used to play Roblox years ago, and then grew up. My niece who is 6 (and you can find her in my #NeiceLetsPlay youtube series) started playing it, and to ensure she was safe online, I started to play it with her. And not only can it be so much fun, it can be extra educational to those who wish to play games online as a starting point. Roblox is an online gaming server, which is a host to many types of games, including roleplays and fake remakes of real games. I have some personal favourites, and here they are! (In no particular order)

Fashion Famous is a dress up game, including a catwalk. Each level you are given a category, and then have to find clothes that may match that category to you. Afterwards you take part in a catwalk, which people then vote out of 5 stars how you did. At the end you get points and can level up until you’re “Fashion Famous”.

 The reason I enjoy this game, is mainly because, well it’s not only really cute, but it’s really good for finding things, which I think can be really stimulating for children, like a treasure hunt. Plus, children can learn about the different fashions out there, maybe even help develop their own style. The only downside is, there are some super cute items, and sometimes people vote for the more attractive looks, rather than those that match the categories (which can be super annoying!)

Now this is my niece’s absolute favourite game. Royale High is a roleplay based game, featuring 3 games within it. The main one, being “Royale High”. Within it, you can become a royal or magical student, and play your way through lessons. The aim of it is to roleplay, and many youtubers out there create their own stories using the game. The downside is, not everyone roleplays, but rather just plays with their friends, not acting like they’re in a fantasy world, although it can be major awkward roleplaying. It has a super fun and social aspect, and it also has some educational aspects, such as spelling, typing and creating patterns, which for my niece is amazing, and she has learnt some big things from it!

Murdery Mystery 2 takes a different toll compared to the ones I’ve already shown. This is basically a version of “Wink Murderer” and “Cluedo”. The basics of the game are someone is chosen as the murderer, and someone is chosen as the sherriff, the other players are called “Innocents” meaning they’ll be killed or survive. The murderer must go around killing innocents, and try to kill the sherriff, without getting killed themselves. I really enjoy this game, because well it’s super addicting and leaves you on edge! The downside being, some people who are the murderers or sherriffs, walk round with their weapons ready to kill, and it can take away the suspense of wondering who is who.

I actually don’t know if Survivor is a real tv show or film, but this game is truly amazing. Survivor is what it says it is, a group of people trying to survive on the island. It is played out, like a reality tv show, where people are voted or booted off for things, and people must complete activities to stay on the island. It’s not only super fun, but has many brain training games, which can be hard but also super cool to play! The negatives of it are that if you join a server when people are already playing, you have to wait till it’s over, and it could be anything from 5 minutes to 3 hours, as the game has many twists and turns within it! The owners of this game ALSO have a version of Big Brother!

What Roblox is known for best, is Obbys. Obbys are super fun, and require patience and exuberance to get through them. Basically there are over 1000 levels, and you have to try and get through them. There could be jumping over things, jumping on top of things, avoiding certain items, super fast speed challenges and more to go through.

 The most I’ve ever exeeded is 100 levels I think? But it’s great to play on your phone when out just to pass the time. I guess the only bad thing is, how annoying it is to lose? Or that it is a super long obby and you restart every time.

Do you play Roblox? Leave me a comment down below of your favourite games! I’m always looking for new games to play. And be sure to follow me on twitch and/or subscribe to my youtube to see me playing!

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