Blogger Reacts to Animal Crossing; Nintendo Switch 2019 Announcement! (EEP)

So exactly an hour or so ago, Nintendo officially announced that Animal Crossing will be coming to the Switch in 2019. How exciting is that!? New Leaf has been the highest ranking game of Animal Crossing (no offence to others who may prefer a different one) so 6 years we have been waiting eagerly for something to show up to top it. Will this be the next thing?

In my opinion, I wasn’t so excited for a new game. I quite enjoy New Leaf, and although I get periods of boredom from it, when people were speculating last year there would be a new release soon, I just wasn’t so excited. And today, I thought, maybe I should be. Every game series has to move on to a new console, and while I’m glad that I have a switch, I don’t want my DS to feel neglected. What would be nice would be to get a new New Leaf or Happy Home designer update. For example, when they released a new update to New Leaf last year and we got a handful of new villagers, and new items. Or maybe bringing the sanrio cards back into stock, with maybe hinting at a US release on those? (I just want to make my US family happy!)

Also what are Nintendo hiding? Tom Nook was seen at his desk in the Happy Home Designer office. Does this mean we may get a new Happy Home Designer on the Switch? Or maybe a spin off, since HHD only remained popular for a few months after it’s release. Or maybe they’ll take aspects from each AC game and mesh them together for this one. One thing I seriously miss is the sassiness of the villagers! Give me some humour Nintendo!

What are your thoughts on the latest announcement? Are you excited? Are you anti-climatic? What do you hope they bring to the latest game that you wanted in the past ones?

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