Creating HD AC Pictures

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I did this exact blog post a year ago, and I’m back to re-do it! As a lot has changed since then! And there are various other ways you can do it!

This website is the main man. Well, they used to be the only website that existed when I started my fandom social media! You can see the settings you need to use in the picture below!

If you are on your phone/tablet, you want to use the “Convert” button. If you’re on your laptop you can use either! Download just means it saves it straight into your download folder!

This is my favourite to use. The first website I showed you ^ has it’s faults. Such as it can be shut down a lot for maintenance which can be super annoying! I always prefer this website! It uses the same settings, but I always feel the quality is better? It’s also much quicker! All settings can be seen below!

This is another favourite of mine, especially when I’ve done dream address visits, and I have so many pictures to get through! This is a multi “waifu”er. Meaning I can upload several pictures to get edited at a time. This one also allows you to have a little play around with Scale and Compression. I personally leave it on the settings below as it usually takes more time if you higher it! But it’s up to you what you use! Also, the server can be down a lot, so don’t upload more than 10 photos at a time!

And finally; Photoshop.

Photoshop can be so scary to some people. This is usually due to the fact there are so many restricted terms and codes, that not everyone will have learnt to use! But if you have it downloaded on your computer, why not have a little mess around! Here are a few things you can do to your pictures to get them better! I personally only edit the noise, but I know some people edit how sharp it is too!

Firstly upload your photo! (File -> Open As). 

As you can see in my picture below I have 3 little things in the bottom right, and the text is highlighted. You want to click on “background” to make sure it selects it. Then we’re going to go to “Filter” and we’re going to “Reduce Noise” using the settings in the second picture.

You can of course have a mess around, and see how you feel in the preview (ignore my preview, it chose to reduce noise in the text). 

If you see your photo, needs a bit more sharpening once you’ve reduced the noise, then you can then add a Smart Sharpen mask! So head back to filter, and we want to “Smart Sharpen”. (As you can see I have “Background” selected in layers. Again the settings I would use are below (2nd picture), but you can mess about with it too! I personally don’t use the sharpen tool, as reducing noise sharpens it a little!

And there is how to get clearer pictures! Again, I did this blog post many moons ago, and it got a lot of love, but I thought it needed redoing!

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