Episode Interactive: Myself as a Platform Writer.

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Episode Interactive. The animated stories app perfect for all you out there who love to read and watch. However, it’s also amazing for those who love to script or write stories, like myself.

How I became a writer you ask?

Well I always loved episode from a young teen. I remember reading “Real Hollywood”, one of the stories by Episode themselves, and was so interested in the whole writing platform. I used to write fanfiction for one direction (don’t judge me!) and decided it would be fab for Episode. 


Well I created my first story at 14 and boy looking back, I was a terrible writer. I wrote as if I was a 14 year old texting my best friends. Of course I didn’t take it seriously back then, I used to send my friends the links and include them in the stories, write in informal English and misunderstand the whole animation process. Now I’m 18, I scrapped the stories I wrote at 14, and rewrote one of them (links will be below). I rewrote it at 16 and because of A-Levels, I never spent much time on it. Now, I have 4 stories! And I love them all, and not to toot my own horn, but I think they’re rather interesting and good.

Restricted Princess – @floralepisodes
So I thought I’d make this post based on tips for those who are maybe interested in writing or who have just started out and need some help. Now I am not one of the best writers on there or one of the most known, but growing up scripting, I have some simple tips.

1. Plan your story.

Be sure to plan your story. I started writing my first story without planning it and got majorly bored and stopped half way through. I of course went back and finished it but having writer’s block is horrible. Figure out whether it’s going to be a short story (10 chapters or less) or a long story (25 chapters or more). Plan it all out whether that’s on word, or written down.

Example Plan.
2. Write for you!

Of course, you expect people to enjoy reading your stories. But always remember, this is your story. Constructive criticism is good but when it’s harsh, it really doesn’t help you as a writer. So if you get any hate mail, ignore it. You wrote this story your way, and just because one or two people don’t like it, doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t like it.

3. Cliche.

Cliche’s are okay! Sometimes it can get boring reading the typical “teen pregnancy” story or typical romance story. But add something surprising in! A great example of this is the story “Pregnant but to whom?” It’s about a teenage girl who get’s pregnant but then her world get’s turned upside down, and it’s a mixture of futuristic and romance. A really interesting and good read. Some of the best stories include cliches, but make them your own!

4. Research.

Do your research in advance. Read the help Episode provide, join the forums, learn how to spot direct and script a great story. Trust me, your first 1 or 2 chapters will not be perfect. But as long as you get the jist eventually, your directing will be perfect. One day you might go back and make the first episode even better! And dont forget research for your stories! Want to include an actual fact? Be sure to get all the right information!

5. Proper language.

Always try and use propper grammar and language when writing. Always make the readers aware of a speech change (example: drunk, foreign, alien) but always try to write as if you are in school writing an essay or in an exam. Sometimes it can be annoying, someone “writin like dis” or messing words up. Of course there are writers who may not have English as their first language and try their best, but they try their hardest to write as formal as they can.

6. Join the episode community.

Create an episode instagram, join the forums and join the episode facebook group. Interact with other writers! Also your readers can find you on social media, and see sneak peeks or check when you’ll next to be updating! It really helps keep your readers in the loop!

7. Stressing.

Write when you can. Some writers usually tell their readers when they are releasing their episodes, and sometimes this is extremely stressful. Of course create a schedule if you know you’re going to be writing all the time. But if you know you wouldn’t be able to keep the schedule, do not promise episode release dates! Some readers may see this as a promise being broken and this may make you feel rushed. Simple imply you release whenever you can or want to. Sometimes episodes can take a while to write, let alone edit and read over!

8. Length of Chapters.

Episode advise episodes to be atleast 400 lines long. But usually the ones that keep readers entised are ones over 700 lines. Not only this but choices and dressing games can make the lines a lot longer. But this is the writer’s choice. I’ve found making my chapters include quite a few choices and branching makes them longer and a lot more interesting to my readers. However when just starting out, atleast try and reach the 500+ mark!

9. Read other stories.

Check out other stories, preferably written by unknown episode writers. You may learn something or see something you like.

Demi Lovato – Myself and another character. – Written by Episode.

10. Have fun!

So I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. It’s something a little different. If you want to check out my episode things, just read below!

– Amylou.

My Episode Stories:

My author name: FloralEpisodes

– Restricted Princess (Drama/Romance)
– Foolish (Romance)
– Degrassi: Episode (Drama)
– Book of Life (Fantasy)

Episode Instagram:


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