Gift Guide for a Golfer 2018

Photo by juan gomez on Unsplash

Many of you will know, my dad is a top notch golfer. My house is surrounded by golf things, and I’m not going to lie, I occasionally like watching the golf channel with him! Here are my top picks for a golfer this Christmas!

Price Range – £5-£100

Personalised Golf Tees And Bag £17.95


Tees are constantly being broke and lost in the golf world, so why not have a cute personalised tee bag to keep them in?

Sometimes it’s so hard to find golf balls, why not have ones you can find with the flash of a light?

Golf Put Mug £11.99

This mug is from a site called “Qwerkitty” and I have to agree, it’s quirky and fun! Make your golf buddy have a little laugh after a quick sip and put with this mug!

ECCO 2016 BIOM Hybrid 2 Spikeless Ladies Shoes  (RRP: £160; Sale: £75)

We can’t have a gift guide without including ladies in it! I’m loving these golf shoes I’m not going to lie! They’re a great make, and are spikeless yet have a great grip!

Golf Gifts Training Net

Perfect for any golfer, whether a pro or a beginner, to perfect that shot!

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