#HappyAcPlayers Project!

Instagram has well and truly ruined it’s self with this new “algorithm” they’ve thrown at us, and the worst part it is, it affects not just everyone but people who are content creators like myself or my close friends. The algorithm changed so instead of seeing posts in chronological order, they would appear randomly, or so the “best” pictures would come up first. Not only is this annoying, it also means you have to reach a certain engagement before your posts can be seen by everyone you follow.

In the AC community, this is annoying, and unfair. There are a lot of new accounts being added into our community everyday, and it’s now so easy to miss them!

I created the hashtag #HappyAcPlayers for users to use to find other active accounts like themselves. The aim of a hashtag is to use, and then go through the pictures that used said hashtag, and like others who have used it too! All pictures used, are to be animal crossing related, and nothing that isn’t positive! It creates a sense of community, higher engagement and I just personally love seeing people use this hashtag!

Anyone with an AC account or a AC picture to use it! Simply add it into your caption, then go through the hashtag and like all the pictures! And don’t forget to comment and “save” too!

February 2018: 1K pictures using the hashtag! View all the photos here!

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