Paladins Tierlist – October 2018

For those of you who don’t know, Paladins is an amazing first player shooter game. Many say it is a rip off of Overwatch (if you knew anything, you’d know Paladins came out before Overwatch) so will never play it. But I honestly believe you should play it at least once. Because let me tell you, it can be addictive. I decided to change up my blog, and do a bit more on the gaming side. Maybe shy away from Animal Crossing for a little bit, and delve into my other favourite games and my thoughts.

A Tier list, is when you rate a game’s avatars in a rank order, of your favourite (typically people use “S+” to least favourite “D), kind of like celebrity rankings. And here is my list!


  • Seris [Support]

Seris is 100% my main go to gal. I feel natural being her in game. I also adore her skins as they’re quite pretty.

  • Skye [Flank]
  • Torvald [Frontline]
Torvald is seriously so underrated as a Frontline. I believe not many people understand his role or how to use him to an advantage. But his special ability is especially good when an enemy is near the end of the map!

  • Tyra [Damage]
  • Vivian [Damage]
  • Furia [Support]
  • Jenos [Support]

Jenos was the first ever champion I chose when I downloaded Paladins. Even though he’s a support, he’s very powerful, especially how he can lift and freeze enemies.

  • Kinessa [Damage]
  • Cassie [Damage]
  • Ash [Frontline]
  • Buck [Flank]
Buck is a pretty good flank. Henders [my partner] usually mains him, and I quite like him from time to time.
  • Drogoz [Damage]

  • Victor [Damage]
  • Ruckus [Frontline]
  • Pip [Support]
  • Grover [Support]


The reason I have these last, is mainly because I can’t understand how to utilise them. I feel their controls are a bit tricky for me, or their abilities are lacking or hard to win by. However I have a few friends that are perfect with them!
  • Ying [Support]
  • Willo [Damage]
  • Zhin [Flank]

And the rest? I haven’t had a chance to play them yet! Do you play Paladins? Check out my gamer tags page to add me on the Nintendo Switch / Playstation to play with me!

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