*SPOILERS* Let’s Go Pikachu First Impressions and Photo Gallery

Pikachu standing next to isabelle of animal crossing. let's go pokemon review

So yesterday the Pokemon: Let’s Go series came out for the Nintendo Switch! The console is literally my favourite (read more here), and the minute this was announced, I knew I had to pre-order it! I got it yesterday afternoon, and I have not put it down since, and here are my first impressions and a little snapshot gallery!

professor oak introducing pokemon lets go pikachu

The game starts off being introduced by Professor Oak. First off, loving it. The background bokeh is super cute, and you meet your first Pokemon straight away! (I chose Pikachu because between him and Eevee is no contest to me!) The graphics are beautiful for sure, and I love how even though the graphics have updated, they haven’t made drastic changes to key character’s looks.
Your room! So cute! And you have a little plush in the corner, and a switch! Adorable right?
 When I started up and chose what I would look like (see below), I obviously went straight to find the professor. But of course, he wasn’t there. This sort of confused me, but I realised I just needed to look above me and he was in the field. I love this little touch, because instead of meeting your Pokemon in the lab, you get to catch it, which makes you a very special trainer of course.

I’m sorry but could Pikachu get any cuter!? I love how they kept him this way, rather than making him look more like Detective Pikachu which is more anthropomorphic to me! 

Oh hey it’s me! Sadly there isn’t much customisation with how your character looks (as far as I’m aware), but still pretty!

You also choose your rival’s name, and have battles with them! I also think it’s cool that they’re your friend but you’re both promising trainers too!

pikachu happy review. play with pikachu touch version nintendo switch

Literally one of my favourite parts is the “Play with Pokemon” part. It honestly reminds me of Nintendogs where you’d pet them and play with them and you can do so in this game! It’s majorly adorable, and for your Pokemon to fight better, they need to feel loved! It’s amazing!

So my first impressions of this game, I’d say it’s a 8/10 for me. It’s probably a game I’d pick up for like an hour a day, maybe sometimes a full day but it wouldn’t make me stop playing my other games too. Is it worth the money? Well it’s Pokemon so it’s definitely worth the money! But maybe, if you’re not a massive Pokemon fan, wait for a sale in the future because it’s still a lot of money. I personally didn’t buy the pokeball version, because I don’t think it’s necessary, but you also get Mew from it! I’m not that far into the game, but people are way past me, and they seriously enjoy it!

What do you think of it?

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