Welcome to Buí – #AnimalCrossing

*Disclaimer: This is my town and fully worked on by me. This blog post may be long but considers every aspect of the town, residents and more!

Many will know, I’ve been working on a secondary town for myself. I asked on Facebook for people to help me name the town, but nothing stood out to me. My main purpose was to make a tropical town, as inspired by tequilasunrxse. Then a friend mentioned my favourite colour being yellow. And that’s when I realised, I should make an all yellow town!

Buí means Yellow in Irish, so it was only right I used that and took on my Irish heritage too! Now Buí isn’t only yellow, as I found it quite repetitive and mundane sometimes, so added a splash of white and orange in minor places. I found this highlighted the yellow more, and made it stand out, on a particular sunny Spring day. The main theme amongst the town, is sunflowers, as they are my favourite yellow flower, but sadly are not included as hybrids in game. Alongside that, is the mixture of Irish mythology. With having a greek mythology town, it was only right the story of Buí have a similar story or just a fun story anyway! Read more below!




Gädis is the mayor of the town. Villagers will see Gädis wondering about the town with her morning goffee or bubble wand, spreading cheer amongst the town. She is the ruler of the kingdom.


Gädis’ house theme is very modest and typical. She has a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom. 

However, she also holds dear to her two rooms in which make her more communal. The room to your left as you walk in, is a cafe called “The Sunflower”. It is all sunflower based with an orange&yellow rustic theme. Here you can buy traditional irish food along with some european dishes! The basement is a learning centre, for many to come and learn botany, the history of natural philosophy and dendrology.

Sióg (trans; Fairy in Irish) is the resident fairy of Buí! She casts protection spells all over Buí if a threat is warrented, and is in control of the wind turbines! 


Her house is situationed in the far north of the kingdom amongst the trees, only small but perfect for this precious fairy! 

Carman is a sorceress, based on the Irish mythological tale of Carman. She spreads evil among Buí when she can, alongside her 3 sons, who you cannot see due to invisibility.


Carman is set in the middle of the dead forest. Gädis had a sign set up, telling travelers to be wary when they pass. She lives in an enchanted tent. Who needs many when you just need a book and a cauldron?


All villagers have an essence of sunshine about them, with yellow houses or skin tone. Diedre is our speciality villager as she is a symbol of the Irish heroine. All villagers wear tropical shirts to symbolise the kingdom as a happy and tropic-like paradise.

What are you waiting for? Take a trip to Buí today!

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