Welcome to Olympus – #AnimalCrossing

Visit Olympus Now!

So, a lot of people follow me on Instagram, to see pictures of my beautiful main town, well now is your chance to visit!

Theme; Olympus’ theme is “fruitful” I like to say. It’s very bright, set in Spring/Summer, and have light coloured flowers and fruits! The house themes are Greek Mythology (minus the mayor’s house). I’ve always found it hard to agree on a theme for my town. I’ve done natural, pink, forest, seasonal but I always ended up restarting. But then it hit me! I love Greek Mythology and have the sources to do it!

You can visit many ancient PWPs, buy the latest goddess fashion and visit the wonderful gardens and orchards. 

Mayor’s House.

My mayor’s name is Amy-Lou (in Greek “Agathe” meaning “Good”.) like me! Her house is traditional, having every room you can imagine in an actual house. A living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office and a “gaming cave”. I styled it after my own house, adding my own in-game tweaks!

Amylou in her bedroom!

Amylou in her Office!

Fawna’s House.

Fawna (meaning; Young Deer / Deity of Fertility in the latter Fauna) is a fairy who dwells in Olympus..playing pranks on villagers, but keeping it garbage free! Her house is literally a secret garden, filled with mini sprites wo help keep it a-light and the inside garden full! Fawna is proud of who she is, and loves the designs in her house! Being a well known best friend of Eros!
Fun Fact; The nymphs from Ancient Greek myths can be considered as fairies and they existed as early as the time of Homer writing the Iliad and the Odyssey!
The Sprite Garden.

Eros’ House.  [Aphrodite did not fit in the name box đŸ˜©]

Eros is the goddess of Love (Eros; meaning son of the Goddess of love, but I made her Aphrodite so…yeah…). Eros’ house is a museum of love, highlighting the love for the goddess. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted to her great throne room, with aroma of lust and desire. Each room highlights her loveliness and kindness, being celebrated by her symbols.

Throne Room.
Bedroom (Fact; A symbol for Aphrodite is the turtle!)

Athena’s House.

Athena (meaning “Sharp”) is the goddess of wisdom, best known for the association with the Owl. Derived straight from Zeus’ head, she came to Olympus to spread wisdom amongst villagers, being a confidant of Mayor Amy-Lou. Her rooms consist of a Greek bath, a golden throne room and bedroom.

Athena in her bath-house, with a trusty owl.
Athena in her throne room!

And now you can visit it!

If you do visit, I’d love to see your photos! And tag me on Instagram and Tumblr!

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