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Happy Week 2 of December I’ve found it really hard to do this year’s blogmas posts as I didn’t want to repeat myself. But for today’s post, I saw the 12 Days of Christmas Tag by The Value of a Moment and thought why not! 

1.  When are you starting up the Christmas music?

I started ages ago! I made some Christmas wax melts and candles whilst listening to a good Christmas album the beginning of November!

2.  Decorations are a requirement for Christmas, when do you plan on decorating?

Already did last week! Not going overboard as we’ll be celebrating outside of the house and Charles isn’t old enough to get into the Christmas spirit.

3.  What’s your favourite Christmas movie to watch?

I really love Hallmark Christmas films, my favourite would be A Christmas Kiss.

4.  Any traditions or activities you plan on doing this month?

This is my first Christmas not being at my parents but we’ll be heading over for dinner. We haven’t started our own traditions yet.

5.  The holiday season is all about food, or in this case all the desserts.  So what is your favourite holiday sweet?

Iced Madeira cake from M&S is a staple!

6.  So would you rather give gifts, receive gifts, or both?

I love buying gifts. I’d go overboard if I could!

7.  Do you have a favourite holiday smell? (Ex. Candles, food, etc.)

I love gingerbread candles but love the smell of a Christmas dinner.

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8.  Would you rather have a white Christmas or a Sunny Christmas?

I adore snow, so a snowy Christmas would be amazing.

9.  What is your favourite holiday song?

Stop the Cavalry.

10.  Would you rather have a real Christmas Tree or a fake one?

I’d love to have a real one but the clean up would be

11.  When wrapping present do they look picture perfect or look horrible?  (If they look picture perfect share your secrets at present wrapping.)

I try to wrap as neat as possible but Danny is definitely better than me at it!

12.  What do you plan to do on Christmas?

Going to my parent’s house for dinner and then to see the inlaws!


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