15 Questions to ask a Beauty Blogger; Tag!

Photo by Hey Beauti Magazine on Unsplash

I was tagged in this by Luci Barker, and I’ve had this waiting for a while to do! So finally here it is!

Alongside this, I’ve not uploaded much, due to having chicken pox. It was hell, and then things took over but my schedule should be back to normal next week!

1. How do you make your Lipstick / Lip Gloss last longer? 

I learnt the “tissue” trick from my Mum when I was younger! Always kiss a piece of tissue, and use your finger to wipe excess that may get on your teeth.

2. What online makeup store is your favourite? 

Superdrug/Tam Beauty. 

3. Who is your favourite Youtuber at the moment? 

Oh there’s so many! I really like SophDoesNails, she’s my go to gal if theres a new video. I also really enjoy Madelaine Petsch. Whenever she does a beauty video, she highlights cruelty free brands and I like that! Although my products aren’t 100% cruelty free, if I can get a cruelty free dupe, I will!

4.  What colour(s) go with your eyes? 

I don’t really go based off my eye colour. I have green to grey eyes, and apparently we suit more bronze tones? I can’t do them sort of looks, I adore warm tones though! My favourite type of look, is a halo sunset!

5. Favourite drugstore mascara? 

Anything by Rimmel! My favourite at the minute is their “Wonder Real” mascara.

6. What do you use to apply your Foundation? 

A beauty blender. Sometimes I’ll use a Wunder2 toothbrush foundation brush if it’s a thick consistency, and then the beauty blender to get rid of strokes.

7. What is the difference between an eye primer and an eye base?

An eye primer is specifically to prime the eyes, while the base is to add pigment to enhance the pigment above it? I have no idea but that’s what I’ve always thought!

8. Tinted Moisturizer, BB Cream or Foundation?

I’d prefer a BB Cream, but haven’t found any to match my skin, they always go orange because I have parts of my face that are discoloured. So foundation!

9. How do you prep your face for makeup?

Clinique 3 step and Superdrug’s Hydrating Mist.

10. What are some inexpensive makeup brushes?

Ebay or AliExpress dupes. People have a really bad issue with them, but if you carry out the “bristle” test, they’re exactly the same.

11. When did you start wearing makeup?

I first started wearing mascara at 12. Around 15/16, I started wearing eyeliner and filling my brows in. That’s when the infamous “Scouse Brow” was popular (filling your eyebrow in with eyeliner into blocks). It was terrible! But I started getting into full face makeup when I was 17.

12. Favourite Concealer?

Freedom Pro Artist Concealer Light Palette and Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define (C1&C3)

13. Tricks to make your eyelashes longer?

It depends. You can use an eyelash primer before mascara, or curl them. And always make sure you’re applying a new layer! Never sleep in Mascara, it can make your eyelashes fallout/shorter. I like to wear 3 types of mascara. A normal one to blacken the eyelashes, a lengthening one, and then a volumising one.

14. Favourite Drugstore lip product?

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks!

15. Cream or powder eyeshadow?

Powder. I’ve only ever tried cream once, and it just made my eyelid stick to my crease. Was not pretty!

Who am I tagging to do this?
Anyone that enjoys makeup! It makes a great blog post filler, and let’s your readers have an insight into you!

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