2017: What made it into my favourite products? *BASE PRODUCTS*

2017, what a year right? So many different products, it was definitely the year of surprises and product turn around for sure! This blog post is highlighting the best makeup of 2017! If you’d like to see the products that didn’t make it into my favourites, head over to the “makeup I hate” post! I didn’t want to make this too long, so this post will be focused on skincare and base!

To start off, there’s skincare! I have so many new and empties skincare products from 2017, and I just love them! Firstly there’s the Satsuma Body Butter by The Body Shop! I was never one for body butter, I never saw the use of it. But 2017 was the year I discovered the coconut body butter, so had to go and get the Satsuma one for Christmas! The body butters come in at around £6-8 which is amazing, since you need the tiniest bit!

The Vitamin E Hydrating Mist by Superdrug, is another favourite! It’s especially useful in the Summer! This product was a popular one back in early 2017 via makeup groups. I specifically remember seeing their vitamin E range being raved about, and was excited to try! I was let down by the vitamin E wipes, as they literally hurt to use, and dried my skin out more! But the hydrating mist did what it said on the bottle and it’s amazing!

Next, the Clinique Clarifying Lotion, as majority of people know is an absolute fave! The clarifying lotion is the 2nd normal step in the Clinique’s “3 Step Range.” I have used Clinique skincare since I was around 14, and as has my mum! I suffer with combination skin (dry face, oily T-zone!) and the only products I’ve found to help are by Clinique. This clarifying lotion (1 = Very Dry to Dry Skin) wipes away dead skin cells, and although some people can use it as a tacky primer, it allows for a moisturiser to seep through and soften the dry skin. There are 6 types of this clarifying lotion starting with 1.0, ranging up to 4, then Anti Blemishes! The price range is £17.50 for 200ml (sometimes found at £14 in stores) which can be pricey for only 200ml, but I have used just over half in the whole of 2017, which I guess makes it good value for money!

Next is makeup brushes! 2017 has been the year of “ordering so many brush sets to last you a few years”. But the favourites are definetly the Vander Pro brushes I kindly received. These brushes actually cost £1.60/£2.50 usually! My favourite brush is the one in the middle above! It’s great as a transition shade brush, and getting right into the crease! They’re very soft and I’ve found that in comparison to other brushes, don’t need a lot of product to get pigment? On some brushes, the brushes take some of the product with them, whereas these brushes have definitely helped upped my eyeshadow game!

We all need a good primer! This was a late one to the show, as I didn’t start doing research on primers till Autumn, as I barely used them! I didn’t even know what a primer was until 2017, and I didn’t really need one as I never wore foundation. But I got given a Makeup Revolution one as a gift, so took it upon myself to do some research. The Rimmel Fix & Perfect primer has definitely improved my base. It focuses highly on perfecting tone and mattifying the skin, and it’s something I use even without makeup! It was actually voted the best drugstore primer of 2017, for dry skin which was a bonus for me! Alongside having a sister for oily skin! It’s semi-silicone I believe, which I’d never of tried but I definitely prefer it!

My favourite foundation of 2017 was of course, the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless foundation! And you can read a full review here!

I sadly haven’t taken a picture in time for this blog post, but my favourite powder has to be the Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory 018. It’s a perfect colour match for me, allows me to get rid of any shine from the foundation and adds a little bit more coverage under my eyes! Although I have dry skin, and powder can be counter-productive, I’ve had no issues with Pressed Powder!

And finally my favourite concealer is the Freedom HD Pro-Conceal Pro Artist Palette in Light-Medium. For most of 2017, I did use the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair 01, but I found it was starting to oxidize the more I used it, and with being very pale most of the time, it was giving me more redness under my eyes! 

So I switched to a concealer palette, after hearing good things and I’m impressed! As someone who’s always ill, my skin tone can change! Some days I can be quite fair, and other very pale, so to have a palette that I can compare to my skin is very helpful! The palette was £10 when I purchased it, but I believe it is now £5 which is a bargain! It’s also extremely helpful when carving brows, and can also be used in a cut crease/eyeshadow base!

So this is part 1 of my favourite 2017 products! I decided this could get really long doing all products! So the rest of the favourites will probably be posted on Wednesday! What are some of your favourite base products? or Skin care? Have you tried these ones?

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