Be Invisible No More – Invisible Disabilities Week 2018 – GET INVOLVED WTH ME!

We have Blogtemper, Blogtober, but this year I am doing a 1 week blogtober in support of Invisible Disabilities Week! I originally planned to do Invisible Illness Week, but there was no confirmation on dates, so decided Invisible Disabilities Week it is!Invisible Disabilities Week takes place every year in the middle of October. It’s designedRead more

“Miniscule Care Theory for Anxiety” – How to uplift yourself gradually with a big effect.

*theory created by me* As a blogger we are constantly on the move. But when you suffer with mental illness, chronic illness, learning dificulties or stress, you truly never find ways to provide yourself with love and care. The ones around you probably receive 90% more love from you, than you give to yourself. IRead more