36 Weeks Pregnancy Overview

The last time I did a pregnancy update was around 18 weeks, and I guess I should do another update on pregnancy life!

So last time, my cravings were things like Mash, Oranges and Fizzy Sweets and although this hasn’t really changed, it’s definitely died down. Now, my obsession is mostly to do with ice/ice pops. I’m assuming this is due to being anaemic and suffering from dehydration throughout, but it’s definitely consuming me. Thankfully, I haven’t had “crazy” cravings where Danny has had to get up in the night to go get me things, but I have cried when there’s been no ice in the freezer! I’ve also only been able to eat red meat lately. I was full pollotarian pre-pregnancy but again, I’m assuming with the lack of iron, I’m needing some good red meat at the minute (mostly cheeseburgers..) I’m hoping everything goes back to normal post labour!

Since around 24 weeks, I’ve suffered immensely with being itchy, especially demanding Danny itches my back for me. I just assumed this was hormones and never mentioned it, but it was becoming excessive. After seeing a post on facebook on a girl chat group about itching in pregnancy, and Danny said it’s getting too much, I decided to tell my consultant. I also noticed less movement from the baby, considering he likes to full-on kicking me constantly, it was very weird but I had an appointment planned the next day so I decided to wait.


After a CTG (Heart Monitor) and examination, I was told it’s suspected cholestasis. Cholestasis is absolutely harmless to me but can be harmful to the baby. In basic terms, cholestasis is an inflammation of the liver/bad flow of bile. Of course, our livers regenerate however can cause serious issues in childbirth. I was told to go back the next day for another CTG and get blood test results. I was scheduled for a liver scan (which was absolutely horrible…ouch!), medication, and anti-histamines. The itching is still quite bad, and I have to have a CTG every Friday but this also means we may get to meet our bean a little early!

Read more about Cholestasis here.

  • We picked up our car seat, finally! Meaning we’re basically finished with baby shopping! Now, all we need is the formula, but I’m surprised how easy shopping was.
  • The Summer heatwave we’re currently experiencing hasn’t been as bad as Winter! Weird considering I always hated Summer.
  • My health visitor came and it was very scary!
  • Although last time I said no to a baby shower, I’ve been surprised with one on the 29th (when this post will be going up!) Family only which will be nice!
  • Braxton Hicks are really not nice…just saying.
  • I had an appointment with an anaesthetist due to being asthmatic. I’ve denied an epidural but will need an oxygen tube/mask throughout labour due to the effects of the anaesthetic. 
Are you a parent? Any tips appreciated in the comments!

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