3 Modern Lifestyle Needs For A Modern Family*

How times have changed. There used to be a period where only women stayed home on maternity leave, now dads are doing the same. We’re also seeing a rise in the middle-class as more and more people are lifting themselves out of poverty and hardship. More families want to have more control over their lives and that means, buying products that will improve their lifestyle. Speaking of which, what makes a modern lifestyle for a family anyway? Three things mainly, comfort in the home, flexibility while traveling and excellent interior design. These are just some of the things that are best in their respective categories.


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Room by room

As we now enter into the dead of spring, temperatures will rise over 20-degrees Celsius. You can expect, for most of the week to be in the low to mid-twenties. If you’re someone from a colder climate like here in the UK, you will know how exhausting it can be to not have flexible climate control in your home. Thankfully, Evohome Wi-Fi gives you full control over each room’s temperature. Some like it hot, some like it cold, but with this kind of modern thermostat, you have a say how you want your room to be. It has up to 12 smart zones so you can juggle as many rooms’ temperatures as you want. Using the Total Connect Comfort Intl App, you only need to whip out your mobile and with a few swipes, set the temperature however you like. As you would expect, more control means better energy efficiency, so your bills will be lower too!

A flexible carriage

There used to be a time in automotive history, where the modern family was given the best of both worlds in one car. It was known as the hatchback. Small, nimble, fuel-efficient and large enough for a family of four. However, the modern solution is the crossover, because it’s a mix of three cars instead of one. It’s a sedan, hatchback and SUV all in one neat flexible package. The New Vauxhall Crossland X is a prime example of this concept. It has a staggering efficiency of 78.5mpg and a very low CO2 footprint of just 93g per kilometre. This makes it perfect for those that live in the city, but also for those that need to travel long-distance many times a week, such as for commuting to work. it’s 1.2 and 1.6-litre diesel engines, with either an automatic or manual, are smooth and easy to operate too.

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A new Ottoman

The Ottoman has long since been the go-to for interior luxury for those that want more comfort and traditional style. However, contemporary homes may have a better option as a velvet pouffe is lighter, softer and more economical. This is a small item you should place all around the home, so wherever you’re sitting you can elevate your legs and rest your feet. During springtime, a pouffe is a great accompaniment for moments of relaxation on your patio.

Households must move with the times, whether it’s cultural and societal standards, or comfort and style. A crossover-style vehicle ticks all the boxes for a family’s needs. A flexible smart thermostat is more energy-efficient and better for everyone’s mood. I actually have an ottoman in every room and it is SO helpful.



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