5 Happy Things

As you’ll know from my last post, I haven’t been blogging lately. Pregnancy is a hefty thing to have to live with, but now I’m nearing the end, I can see my motivation coming back into sight. I’ve planned a lot of blog posts, but it can be so unmotivating sitting and writing them until I saw Dorkface’s post called “10 Happy Things” and thought it would be a great filler between posts! So here are five happy things (I found it hard to think of 10, to be honest) happening in my life right now.

1. Moving Forward

Since getting pregnant, I’ve realised my life has had to move a lot faster than most 21-year-olds. Although I’ve always considered myself quite “boring”, a typical 21 years old would be out clubbing/enjoying University right now whereas I have a little bundle of joy to prepare for. However, I think it’s given me and my partner a bit of perspective. Over the last few months and months to come, we’ll hopefully be in our first family home (paperwork is done), have a little baba, a pup (yes Sox is mine and coming with us) and hopefully my life will begin to pave the way.


2. Anxiety

Pregnancy has been the biggest anxious event of my life. I had to come off all my meds the minute I got pregnant as they weren’t safe, and they couldn’t be replaced either, which has been a very weird experience. However, I’ve noticed a slight change in my anxiety. Although I feel ten times more anxious, I’m gaining more confidence. Needles don’t terrify me as much (although not looking forward to the RH- one for sure), I’m taking control in situations such as in Mothercare, having to actually talk to the staff and ask my doctors more questions whereas pre-pregnancy I probably wouldn’t. 

3. Baby

Although he’s a little devil, the baby progressing has definitely brought more happiness into my life. Feeling him riggling around, hearing his heartbeat and the kicks are amazing. Especially last week when Daniel felt it for the first time, it was amazing. I really can’t wait to have him in my arms and see him grow into a cute little boy.


4. Sox

Furthermore, my first child makes me happy every single day. I swear, if he could he would be back in the womb. He’s now over 1 year old and turned into the best little friend ever. He’s constantly by my side, always wants a cuddle and I have never known a love like the love I’ve had for my pets. He can be a pain in the butt sometimes, but his cheeky-ness makes me love him even more!

5. Streamers

Having a lot of time to sit on my butt, has made me really fall in love with watching streamers. Although I’ve always enjoyed Twitch, I would rarely watch anyone, but lately, I’ve branched out and been enjoying TLOU and The Sims 4 type streamers. It really keeps me occupied, plus I’ve lost most motivation to the game myself, so this allows me to watch others play!

What are some happy things going on in your life right now?



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