Hello! My name is Amy-Louise, I’m 21 years old and live in Liverpool in the UK with my parents, and my children Charles and Sox the Spoodle. Chronical Sunflower is a chronic illness and lifestyle blog, created in 2013-2014. Here you’ll see a variety of stuff such as my favourite beauty products, awareness of chronic illnesses or a review of my favourite video games. I love to write, play with my dog, go on adventures with my partner and spreading positivity! You can keep up with my daily life by visiting my Instagram or if you want to see me have a bit of a chill/rant, follow me on twitter!

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Why Chronical Sunflower?

My favourite colour is Yellow and my favourite flower is the Sunflower. To me, a sunflower symbolises growth and overcoming the toxicity in your life. Imagine a sunflower; It towers above the other flowers in a majestic powerful way, and that’s what I want to embrace. And of course, the “Chronical” is there because my main focus is raising awareness of chronic illnesses, especially the invisible ones.