My Top Stocking Filler Picks 2019 – AliExpress Edition!

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Happy November to you all! Christmas is fast approaching and this is one of my first “gift guides” of the year starting with the perfect stocking fillers part one! A lot of people don’t realise that AliExpress can be an amazing place to buy things! Although I suggest getting them in now as it may take a while to get to you! However, always check reviews as I do!

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2 x BTS phones AliExpress


Phone Cases (BTS version here*)

BTS may not be to everyone’s taste but you can get an abundance of phone cases on AliExpress! A wider range than eBay and in shops! They can cater to a lot of phones and tastes!

Pastel Highlighters*

These are one of my personal favourites! Pastel Highlighters are a necessity in the stationery world. And what better than a cheap good 6pc of them? Perfect for an 8-year-old who may be getting into stationery and perfect for the working woman!

Marble Makeup Brushes*

I just adore these yellow marble brushes! I have the eye pack but now I definitely need the face pack too! These would go very cute in a little makeup lover’s stocking! Don’t fret; their makeup brushes can be just as good as buying from a local drugstore!

my ugly xmas socks in blue


“My Ugly Xmas Sox” Socks*

So I was having a bit of writer’s block writing this, so decided to simply search “stocking fillers” on AliExpress. I was NOT disappointed. These socks are so ugly yet seem like they should be in every stocking that exists! And how fun are they too? They look very thin however, if you’re like me you want to keep your feet clean but all your heat radiates from your feet so they would be a happy medium.

Initial Letter Bracelet*

Now time for something with a bit more sentiment. What about a letter bracelet? I’m all about sentiment and although I am not a fan of bracelets receiving something with the letter “A” on would make my day!


What are your favourite buys from AliExpress?




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