Am I Going to University?

So big news! I have officially applied to University! I’ve finally decided to take the plunge, and dive right into the deep end, and become a student. I’m only 21, and I’m classed as a mature student, gosh I feel old! But why have I suddenly decided to go to university?

Let’s start at the beginning! 2 years ago, I was originally going to Chester University, to study Philosophy and Religious Studies. It was a very strong subject of mine. I really enjoy learning about different cultures, religions and looking more indepth into the world and analogies. And at the time, it seemed perfect for me. I would study Philosophy and then possible go on to become a Philosophy teacher. But then I had surgery a few months before exams, and everything went wrong. I had to defer a year, because I couldn’t sit my exams.

Then the following year, I wasn’t ready to head to University. I just finished my A-Levels and decided I needed another year, to get my head together. I started working with my dad until he got ill, and then I went into personal care for him!

So my last year has been super hectic, with over 80% stressful moments but it’s finally gave me an incentive to go to university.

So what am I studying and why? Well I’m hoping to study Educational Studies and Inclusion. This is where you learn about learning difficulties, disabilities within the Educational community. It also involves ethical problems, such as euthanasia, which I did in Philosophy anyway so there is some crossover. Then afterwards I’m hoping to do my teaching degree but if by the 3 years I don’t want to go into teaching, I’m hoping to go into ASD diagnostics. The reason being, I’ve been told for years I’d make a great teacher. I loved school. I loved learning, I loved going home and googling what we learnt and learning more. I guess I got that from my dad, as my dad brought me up wanting to learn and move forward, rather than imaginative play (which isn’t bad! But it suited me more to sit and read, watch documentaries etc). And I feel I carried that on with my niece and nephews. I love teaching them new things, I love playing games with them where they learn, write, read and more. 

And with my niece going through the ASD pathway, I realised I feel very comfortable with the school environment of SEN. With my nephew’s school not having things in place to make him more comfortable in school, gave me the motivation to get myself in that world. Through school I made myself aware of ASL, as someone who was constantly ill, I was aware of health care plans, being treated equally, and ensuring I still got the same education as everyone else, but from a different perspective. Hence why I want to ensure other kids get the chance too. Having a disability, chronic illness or learning difficulty shouldn’t be a barrier to fulfilling potential, but allowing to push the barrier forward.

So yeah! I’m actually super excited. I have now applied to several universities with similiar courses. And I’m hoping I get in! Do you/did you go to University? What did you study? Have you got any advice for me? Leave it in the comments below! And follow me on social media (see below) to keep updated!

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