How you can cater to an every growing family*

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One of the most amazing parts of life is expanding your family but there are many things to think about: the rising cost of more mouths to feed, space in your home, your health, and how an addition will affect your current family situation. If you’re pregnant or planning on trying for a baby, take a look at these easy ways of catering to an addition to your family.

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Cut back on luxury items

Whether we realise it or not, quite often our lives are filled with luxuries that we don’t even notice. Subscriptions such as Netflix, the gym, or even a magazine service you no longer use are all examples of luxuries that could be sacrificed. Sit down and work through your finances so that you can be sure you’ll have enough money to welcome your new bundle of joy. 

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There are many ways you can make some extra money at home to save up for necessities for your baby such as taking surveys online, reviewing products and websites, or even taking on some freelance work. If you’re a blogger like myself check out the online blogging opportunities or hashtags (#bloggerswanted #prrequest). I had to cut back on a lot when Charles arrived and it was hard; anyone who says it wasn’t is most likely lying especially as a young parent. However, as he’s grown so have I and I definitely enjoy buying things for him more than I ever did for myself. Everything I do is now for my little boy.

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Create more space

Babies and children take up a LOT of space, and if you’re planning on having another baby it’s very likely that you’ll have to compromise and make more space in your home for their arrival. You may find that you have to create space in your child’s bedroom for them to share, or even your bedroom so that their cot and everything else they need is accommodated. However, simply throwing belongings out might not be an option, so you’ll need to find a form of storage for your belongings such as in the attic, a family member’s home, or even in self-storage. This is something we’re having an issue with especially with creating the right nursery environment! Got any nursery ideas? Let me know in the comments. But I am a terrible hoarder; especially in this profession when you’re gifted items, buy items for pictures or just think “oh that would make my home look cuter in pictures”; definitely need a good clean out this Spring!

Check yourself in for a health “M.O.T”

Whether you’re the expectant Mother or the excited Father, having a newborn around requires you to be on your toes 24/7; You’ll need to be as healthy as possible. Having a clean bill of health can also help with conception, aid an easy pregnancy, and help ensure your baby is born as healthy as possible. You should try these things as soon as possible to give yourself a headstart:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Eating more fresh foods
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Do regular and gentle exercise to keep your heart and muscles healthy

Your Doctor or Nurse can help with other ways to look after yourself, so if you’re planning on trying for a baby soon, it might be worth talking it through with a health professional first. Of course with the current health climate, be vigilant and only go to necessary appointments. 

Speak with your family about your plans

No matter whether this is your first or ninth child, a new addition will change the way your family dynamic works. If you’ve got older children, for example, speak to them about your plans so they have time to get used to it. Teenagers often find it hard when a new baby joins the family, especially during exam times. Sit and talk as a family and you’ll find that this new part of your life is going to be an exciting time indeed! I had a set plan from the get-go about what I wanted to happen during pregnancy, labour and afterwards, let me just say things do change. So make sure your family are also aware of that too!


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