Around the World CARGO Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

I bought this product from TK Maxx. All opinions in this review are of my own, and not influenced by this company.

A few months back, this palette was all the rage, and after my friend highlighted to me that it was in TK-Maxx, I just had to go have a little gander and see if I liked it. I stared at it for a while contemplating if it’s worth buying or I should have a look around, but in the end I impulsively bought it. I did do my research before buying it, but I could only come across one review on the palette. And after digging it back out, I thought let’s do a review on it!
Packaging; The packaging is extremely beautiful. The packaging encompasses what the palette’s theme is, which is really unique as many palettes have themed names, but their packaging is usually plain or non-relatable. The pans are decent sized, which is great! And it comes with a mirror, making it a great palette to throw into your bag and whisk away with you!

The only issue I had with the packaging is where I bought it from. The cargo brush was missing and it was also the only palette that wasn’t messy in the beauty section. But that is more a TK-Maxx thing.

Product; I’m not going to lie, I look at this palette and wonder why I bought it. I prefer more autumnal/warm tones such as burgundies, oranges but when I saw this palette I just wanted, no needed it! There are 6 mattes and 6 shimmers in this palette. The colours are absolutely gorgeous, and make for a great “day time” palette. The pans are quite big and deep so have a lot of product, alongside pigmentation.

The only downside is, there is easily some fallout, and while so soft, the eyeshadows seem to easily crumble (see Athens above). 

Price; The price I paid for this palette was £14.99, with retail price going as far as £29 originally! I personally would never pay over £15 for this sort of palette, as you can get these sort of colours in a lot of palettes. However the price from TK Maxx was pretty good, and you get some good quality pigmented eye shadows. 

I sadly haven’t had time to create a look using this palette. Because I’ve been run down with a fever and a chest infection. But I may update the post with a look when I can!

Where to buy:
I’m unsure if TK Maxx still have these in stock, as I purchased this palette around December last year. However, you can purchase it on Amazon!

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