August Favourites 2018

I haven’t done a current favourites post in a good while and someone asked me the other day “What do you use?” and I thought, wow, I used to do these a lot really. So here are my current favourite products.

Cucumber Fixing Spray – Makeup Revolution – another favourite!

A little information about me:
☼ Skin Type: Dry Combination [Oily T-Zone, Dry Face]
☼ Undertone: Neutral [More pink than yellow]
☼ Acne/Spots: Never get them on my face, except one spot once a month [Girls, you feel me]
☼ Skin Issues?: Extreme Dryness, Redness, Discolouration in cheeks

I never used to be a fan of primers. I just didn’t understand why, when you can get a good moisturiser or skincare routine in an hour or so before makeup application, plus sometimes the primer would make my face so greasy, the makeup would slip right off. But with the heatwaves we’d been having, my face was constantly red from being flushed. So I decided to try this green primer by Barry M. 

And to be honest, I do enjoy it. It is of course green, meaning that it corrects the redness in your skin, or at least calms it down. It has a thick consistency but once rubbed in, it’s very lightweight. And I know for many first time makeup users, they may think it leaves a green tint, but it simply goes clear once rubbed in and it starts to work it’s magic!

This foundation and I got off to a very rocky start. I first purchased this at the beginning of the year, alongside their coverage foundation, because many were saying how brilliant it was. With having dry skin, people said it’s got a good consistency to sit on top of patches, and with the weather we had over winter (at the time), my skin was severely dried out. My face didn’t take well to either of these foundations at this time. But recently, I’ve started using it again. The serum foundation is a more lightweight feel compared to the coverage one, which means in our heat, it didn’t feel strong on my face. Also can’t beat the price of it!

Focallure Big Cover Concealer (Warm Ivory)

This is one of the best concealers I have ever used. There, done. Just kidding! I am seriously loving this concealer though! Not only is it affordable, it’s super covering, super light and just a good product in general. I also find it’s a lot slower at creasing than other concealers, and brightens my under eye area. It can also make a good eyeshadow base and eyebrow definer. Focallure is an indie brand, that started on AliExpress (I believe they now have their own website) and their products do need a bit more hype.

Seventeen Define and Conquer Duo

Now I’ve already included this duo in a blog post before, and as you can see, I have used this as powder A LOT. I don’t tend to use the contour powder because it’s got hint of orange, so I may use it on my forehead or to bronze over my other contour palette, but I really enjoy the powder. It adds a hint of coverage, and sets my face perfectly. Right now, this product is less than £2 at boots, originally less than £6 which I think is amazing, so go and check it out!

Bleach London Contour-nuity Powder [3+4]

I found this product by watching SophDoesNails on Youtube, and seriously I am inlove. It does come in a pan, so I bought a mega pro HD palette from Freedom (Discontinued) to put it in with some other pans I had laying around. The contour powder is just the right shade for me to contour with. It’s very subtly pigmented, which I enjoy, as it means I can build without getting to a muddy stage. I also bought powder number 3, as I thought powder 4 would be too dark for me, but number 3 is way too light for me! So I use it as a defining powder to carve my cheeks out and set my eye primer!

Obsession Blush [Fancy]

Excuse how terrible this picture is, but most of my products need a good wipe. This blush is definitely one of my favourites lately. It has a lot of pigment, so can be hard not to make myself look flushed, but it leaves a lovely colour to the cheeks. As I’m quite pale I love the light peach tint it can give over the top of the contour, rather than putting it above it.

Soph X Revolution Extra Spice Palette

When do I not mention Soph in my makeup blog posts. Literally influences every aspect of my makeup buys and life, and I can say I’ve learnt most things from her. This palette is absolutely beautiful, and everything I love in a palette. I adore the warm tones, and the hints of cool in there. I tend to stick to the oranges and browns in the heat, as they give a warm look but without going too “glam”. I’ve also been into fake freckles recently, so use the shade “Brownies” to do them with. The pay off is SO pigmented, and I adore this palette even more than the first one she did.

Freedom Brow Powder (Dark Brown)

Before Summer, I was a pomade gal. I loved the thickness and cleanliness of using a pomade, as it meant no gaps in my hair. But with Summer, pomade was becoming too tiring, and I felt like it was just going to melt my face off! So I switched to powder, and I’m not angry about it. It felt really light on my face, while giving me a natural but pretty brow feel. I also enjoyed using the Focallure concealer above to carve them out or fix any powder mistakes.

Benefit Roller Lash

Now I think we’ve discussed my issues with Benefit before, but I’m starting to become a Benefit-me likely! Roller lash is by far the best mascara I’ve ever used, and it’s also cut me down on how many mascaras I feel I need. Before, I would use multiple mascaras to get the feel that RL gives me!

Miss Sporty Happy Eyes Mascara

I also really enjoy this mascara on top of Roller lash. While Roller Lash gives the lengthening effect, my eyelashes are very fine, so still look more natural. Which I hate. Happy Eyes gives my eyelashes the thickness and volume, without the “spider legs” catastrophe. Miss Sporty is definitely an underrated drugstore brand, as I’d never bought anything from it before, but heard so many good things and glad I gave it a go now! I also love it on the bottom lashes!

Revolution Renaissance Flick Eyeliner

I hate eyeliner. Not because of the product…but because I don’t have the skills or steady hand to do an awesome flick. But why not just buy an eyeliner with the word “Flick” in? The minute I saw this eyeliner, I knew it would be good. The design of the eyeliner allows me to hold it, without feeling I’m too far away or too close to the actual nub (I hate eyeliners that have really skinny ends. Like why? I can’t hold it properly!) and I feel I can control my winged eyeliner a bit more in comparison to other products!

Soph X Revolution Highlighter Palette

As you can probably see, I adore this palette. I live by it, I take it everywhere with me, and I’ve hit pan on my favourite colour, that I’ll need a new one. Although I only use three, maybe four of these (hint; Revolution make them singles too!) I actually really enjoy the highlighters. The pay off is brilliant, I love nodding my head and seeing the glow of my face. You can read my full review of this palette here.

Colourpop Lunch Money Highlighter

For the times when I don’t want a glow, but I want a little bit of a highlight, I use this super shock called “Lunch Money”. At first I didn’t really like it, but the more I used it, the more I really loved the glow. When caught in natural light adds such a nice sheen to my face, and doesn’t look cakey either!

Barry M That’s Swell Lipgloss Lip Enhancer

It is now literally all I wear now. I’ve found I’m not a fan of lipsticks or liquid ones recently. Maybe it’s with the heatwave, and feeling like my lips are so dry, maybe I’ll get back into them by Christmas. But this lip gloss is perfect. I mainly bought it for the lip plumping element, but found the more I used it, the less it worked for lip plumping. It gives a nice sheen on top, and definitely moisturises the lips! I would 100% recommend!


Do you use any of these products? Or do you have any to recommend? Leave them in the comments below! Let’s chat! (っ ◔◡◔) っ ♥

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