August Updates – Writer’s Block, Current Favourites & Health!

Blog News!
So…there’s not a lot of blog stuff going on! I’ve been so busy with my health and family life the last couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to get into blogging! I do have a few PR opportunities (I am PR friendly, simply email me!) and events coming up! If there’s something you’ve seen on my social media, that particularly interests you and you want me to write about it, simply inbox me too! I have bought my own URL, it’s a simple one for now, but has really helped me a lot, along with a new blogging template and writing template too!

Love a chinese, don’t you?

A – Levels.

I finished my a levels! Yay! Finally after 3 years of utter torture, that part of my life is now in the past. Now the exams, some didn’t go the way I really wanted them, but hearing from my fellow classmates the same made me a bit calmer! 

Update; I got an A for English Language at AS, and just about passed with Philosophy. Quite happy with the outcome, since technically it means I got 2 and a half A-levels. And could of done a lot worse!

After my a-levels? Job searching. University could be an option but I feel I just need to get out of education!


My health has been okay-ish. I had 2 major appointments, one with a neurologist and one with a gastro! The neurology appointment went okay? She’s put me on a 4 month caffeine and codeine detox, just to see if it helps my migraine meds actually help! But god this is torture, considering im on codeine based meds for my other conditions! The gastro appointment went smooth. Discussion of IBS and a possible IBD that could be mimicking Endometriosis. Weird! But still the first thing she said is I should have another laparoscopy! Take that Gynae!

I’ve had the odd down day every now and then but I finally feel like my life is going on track, and I may be getting more in control of my life.

My shop(s) recently opened! My redbubble has been open for a while! However my Etsy has been continuously growing, introducing Royalty Boxes! Just a small project, that I hope grows and is helpful to other. See more info here.


So what am I doing now? Well most likely drinking, babysitting and finding a good job/apprenticeship! And also planning mine and Daniel’s life together which is exciting! Especially with what we’re planning! I’m soooooooo excited! Already looks like theres a job on the cards, but I wont disclose any information till I actually have it, but it’s the job I’ve wanted since I was a little girl, and thought I would never get such a job!

Current Favourites

Thought to end this blog post, I would do an August Current favourites! So let’s begin!

Garnier; Skin Active Rose Water Botanical Toner – My new life saver! Seriously, where have I been without it? Not only does it compliment my combined skin tone, it’s so light and makes my skin glow! [Currently on offer in Superdrug]. I bought this mainly at an impulse, I saw a pink product and bought it. I use it mainly before bed, or after I’ve just wore makeup! 

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipstick; Firestarter. – Rimmel is a family gem. My mum mainly uses it and has always recommended it to me, alongside Clinique (or any product you can buy from Boots!). It’s good for sensitive skin, been around for decades and don’t forget the products! I saw an advert on facebook for these liquid lipsticks, and saw the two twins testing them out. I got curious, does it say what the advert intended? (waterproof/kiss proof?) So i went and bought one. There are various shades to choose one, but I went safe and chose a red shade, since it’s my primary colour. I have never had luck with liquid lipsticks. Jeffrey Star failed me, and made me feel suffocated. Primark was very good, but it wouldn’t last long. Kylie, didn’t interest me, or it was too gloss! This product is perfect. Light on the lips, dries quickly but doesn’t suffocate the lips, and is LONG LASTING. JUST WHAT I ASKED FOR! It lasted from 8am in the morning, to 11pm at night of a Friday outing! I kissed, I drank, I ate and the tiniest bit rubbed off, but no colour shifted. Very impressed, and cannot wait to try more!

Pinky Goat Eyelashes – AJA. You may have seen these eyelashes on Superdrug’s website. The leapord print packaging, fulfilling eyelashes, but thought they may not be worth it. Well let me tell you, they are 100% worth it. However, I never bought them from Superdrug, but from Home Bargains for £1.99! And you can see via the pictures how nice they are! I always go for a volumising lash, as I love them! I feel very pretty or confident with long lashes. Although wearing glasses was so hard, it was worth being semi blind wearing these.

Planner Stickers – The Geeky Planner & Moon Lume – Don’t forget my stationery obsession. The more stickers or decoration the better for me, and I’ve found two shops that give me what I want! The Geeky Planner is ran by a lovely girl, with many of the same loves as me. She has a LOT of stickers curated towards chronic illness, including sleep/anxiety and pain trackers which are extremely helpful. I also love the disney princess flags! Moon Lume focuses on the decorational side I’ve found, such as animal crossing stickers, plants and much more which give my bullet journal that hint of pretty. I would recommend both shops to anyone with a planner or bullet journal, and stuff can be chosen to suit any needs!

Geeky Planner 10% Discount; CHRONICALLYROYAL.

More Favourites include;

The Galaxy Chic Palette – BH Cosmetics
Correction Palette – Makeup REVOLUTION
Concealer – Collection
Makeup Bag; Better Late than Ugly – Pocket Perfect Designs
Mascara – MAKEUP Revolution

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