Autumn 2018 – Doggy Day Trips! [Liverpool]

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Finding places to take your dog for a day out, can be super annoying sometimes. But it can get especially annoying in the Autumn/Winter period. It’s about to get really cold, and your dog is going to get into a rest period, where they rather chill out with you at home [if they’re anything like Sox!] Here are some of my doggy day trips recommendations! Some of these are general, and some of these are specific to Liverpool!

Forests [Liverpool: Freshfields Forest]
The leaves will be starting to fall soon and will leave a nice sensory feeling when you go for a walk, in places like a forest! It’s very chill, the dogs tend to love the feel of the ground on their paws, and if they’re allowed off the lead, you can have a good sniff! For those in Liverpool, Freshfields is a squirrel reserve, so it is usually best to leave your dog on the lead if you know they’d run off after a squirrel! Also, it’s around £6 for a full day of parking, and even if you leave, you can use the same ticket going back the same day, which is reasonable! It can be a calming experience for you and your pet, and can also allow for some relaxing socialising for the dogs, as they’ll tend to pass other dogs who are happy and calm!

Christmas Lights.
Now we’ve hit the last few months of the year, places like Blackpool are starting to put on their christmas lights! Why not take your pup with you to go see them? I would not recommend on the opening night, as it will be overwhelming, possible fireworks and may cause distress for your little friend, but maybe take a drive through the week with your family/partner and take them along. It’d make for some super cute photo opportunities.

Halloween/Christmas puppy parties. [Find one here!]
Depending on the age limit, some Pets at Home and local town halls have some exciting puppy parties going on! This is great to get your dogs involved in socialising, especially before the age of 1! It allows them to have a bit of inside freedom and make friends, while you can chat to all your fellow doggy parents!

Some cabin related camps allow well behaved doggies with you! Some will even supply dog food upon request and nice fresh beds if needed (there may be a price on top maybe). This can be super fun for you, as you can get away and enjoy nature, and your dog can see something scenic, and have fun with just you!

Doggy Afternoon Tea. 
Yes it exists! In Liverpool, there are several places that offer a place at the tea table, such as The Crosby Tea Room! Chill in a beautiful cafe with a selection of sandwhiches, and a nice bottle of pawsecco for your pup! It makes for a nice change for you, and your pup goes home feeling spoilt!

What would you recommend to do this Autumn with your pup?

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