My Baby Essentials List

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So if you didn’t know (where have you been?) I’m a Mum. And I have been for over 4 months now. Let me tell you it has not been easy. But I’m here to tell you the items that have been essential as a new Mum. They may seem minor to some but I have been truly grateful for these items.

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Baby Nappy and Wipes Organiser*

You may have seen this on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram but I bought this around the same time! It is a lifesaver of the night next to my bed. As Charles has a sensitive stomach, I may change his nappy up to 3 times in one night; so having an organiser next to my bed is so much easier than having a changing bag! It can also be used for other things such as; Hair Dryer, Makeup, Cleaning Products. Whatever you like!

Wet Brush*

So this item isn’t “baby” related but honestly, I have needed this as a Mum. I’ve always used tangle teezers as my hair is very thick and can get into knots naturally. But I decided to invest in a Wet Brush and it’s great! When you’re a new Mum; your own personal care kind of becomes second to everything else; which means my hair hasn’t been looked at as much as it should of been. But this brush glides so well through my forest of hair and it means I don’t always have to put my hair up into a “slapback” as we used to say in school.

Tommee Tippee Prep Machine*

When I was pregnant I was told not to buy a prep machine. I was told it was unnecessary, unhygienic etc. But once I had him I was told it was the best thing ever! I was adamant not to buy one but it was getting to the point making bottles was a horrible chore. I didn’t know the right way to make them; the steriliser instructions had a mixture of ways but Charles just never seemed to like any way I did a bottle. So it came down to buying the damn Prep Machine. And we honestly do not regret it. Charles loves a nice warm bottle and it takes only 2 minutes so feeding on demand is much easier.

Baby Swing*

This is the exact swing we were gifted by Danny’s auntie for Charles. It has been a lifesaver. Although Charles is a wild child and from about 2-3 months has always enjoyed it on the fastest settings; it also makes him have naps! He has been a cluster feeder so naps in the day have been hard to maintain but putting him in the swing also gives me a bit of freedom to do other things while he watches tv or plays with the dangly toys on it ergo; take a nap.


What are some items you NEEDED as a parent?

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One thought on “My Baby Essentials List

  1. As an auntie, having a thermometer has been much needed. In addition, a stroller. I know it seems like obvious but we would just carry my niece and she got heavy. It was so hard to do anything else. Lol

    Thank you for sharing.

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