Welcome to the World Baby Sunflower – My Birthing Experience!

On the 13th of July, at exactly 10:52pm, I did the most magical thing; I gave birth. Most people would be in shock that I managed to do it, I actually gave life to a little person. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy, but giving birth was a magical thing, and probably the best/easiest part considering.

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Be aware that I will be discussing my labour in this blog post. This post may contain sensitive content including being in labour/hospitals/birth and anxiety.

Induction (Forced Labour)

Due to cholestasis, I was to be induced at 37 weeks. This was extended to 38 weeks exactly (13th of July). I wasn’t terrified, pregnancy was a nightmare for me so getting it over and done with was a dream. However, come to the day it was agony. I never expected what happened, although getting induced at first wasn’t so bad. After 2 hours, I was asked if I would prefer to go home, although it was recommended I stayed in. My consultant suggested the week prior I go home as I can get comfy in bed, or take a bath or just do things in comfort so I agreed I would like to go home. On the way home, something was seriously wrong. I felt sick, I was in agony and the taxi driver just didn’t seem to understand that bumps were going to hurt (he was notified of my condition).


I got home and was vomiting, I guess it was time for me to go back. Then got back and was given a bed, but the pain just kept getting worse. Considering every other woman around me was quiet, I felt out of sorts. I just wanted it over with, and I wasn’t even dilated yet!

8 hours later I had enough, I didn’t know nor did the nurses where the pain was coming from, so they unhooked me from the CTG (heart monitor for the baby) and said I can go get a bath if I feel like it, which I did. A bath was my pregnancy comfort blanket, so sitting in the massive bath they had available really put me at ease, and my pain seemed to be non-existent. After the bath, I was greeted by a nurse who decided it was time my induction was over and a surgeon came in.

This was really scary. Due to his heart issues, my waters had to be broken. I knew this would have to happen but I wasn’t expecting it for another 12 hours at least. 


Emergency C-Section

Having my waters broken actually felt amazing. I don’t know how to describe it other than it felt like freedom. Pain relief was then administrated.(I was adamant I didn’t want gas and air but it was forced on me).

Then the baby’s heart dropped so I was rushed in for a C-Section. It was absolutely terrifying. We were told the baby may need to be resuscitated and I just wanted to cry there and then at the thought of that. I was told I’d be given a spinal block (I was thankful for no epidural), and off into theatre, I went. The spinal block was actually brilliant. I never even felt it until he said “Okay a little bit of pressure” and it felt like a back click and I couldn’t feel a thing. 

All I can really remember is the odd things, like me and Danny having a casual conversation, or me having to be sick during to help empty my stomach a bit (I ate a lot of sweets while having my induction.) The feeling was like a stomach massage really, I don’t really remember much but the baby was out within 15 minutes. Sadly, I was kept there for another 2 hours due to bleeding but it wasn’t serious.


To conclude, it was an amazing/magical experience. I absolutely hated pregnancy, I hated being induced but a C-section was brilliant.

A lot of people hate saying that a c-section is “lazy” as to them it doesn’t count as birth, but it was “lazy” to me, and I like that. Not being able to feel anything was absolutely brilliant because I got to just experience the good feelings such as seeing my son for the first time as they took him out (see the main picture). It was overwhelmingly beautiful, and I was out of it on all sorts of drugs that it was even more beautiful.

And hearing his cry reassured me that everything from there was going to be okay. I was going to talk about my hospital experience, but the NHS is actually brilliant I don’t feel it’s fair to. But let’s just say I was happy to be home within 3 days!

The Baby

Meet Charles Peter “Sunflower”. 

Yes, he has a pink hat…it was the only one available at the time. From the moment we saw him, we just knew he was meant to be Charles, which is the name I’ve always loved. Plus it’s my dad’s name which makes it a bonus. He’s an angelic baby, although I’m writing this nearly 3 weeks later.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been hard. The lack of sleep, the new mum’s anxiety, the baby blues but he makes it all worth it.

Right now, I’m enjoying being a Mum. I’ve barely spent any time on social media (although I’ve been trying to when I can) too! This mum thing is becoming easier everyday.

See more pictures of Charles on my instagram (not much but he, of course, has to be involved sometimes!)


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  1. Oh wow! Congratulations! He’s beautiful! I love children! I don’t have any of my own, and would love to children someday maybe, but I don’t know if I can deal with pregnancy and labor! Lol. Congrats again! I’m glad the delivery went well and you and the baby came out of it ok!

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