BIRTHDAY HAUL! Oh my gosh, I’m no longer a teen!

Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

On the 24th of November, I turned 20 years old! I am no longer a teenager and it’s so sad yet so exciting. It’s weird, as I feel like once you hit 20, you age more? But I still look like an 11-year-old! So this blog post is just a collection of all the stuff I received for my birthday! If you find this interesting, keep reading!

My main gift was this beautiful desk off my parents! The desk is part of the MICKE collection from Ikea. It is a corner desk, and I actually went to Ikea and had a look at it, and even when it was delivered, I didn’t realize how big it is! It’s my most favourite thing I’ve ever got, and I am so so grateful to have one! It’s also made for some great flat lays and pictures for the blog! It also makes for a better space for me to go on my laptop and to have a chilled space!

Furthermore, my parents got me some cute floral fairy lights to go round the desk! Which I also love!

Another big present I got was this Nintendo 2DS XL from my boyfriend! I am a massive animal crossing nerd, and always played on my Nintendo DS’. For my boyfriend to get me this, I was massively happy (even had a little cry.) as I couldn’t believe he’d spend that much on me! It’s the newest orange one, and it’s the one I’ve talked about alot! The graphics are amazing, and even though it’s quite big (obviously) for my little hands, I really love it!

Another present Danny got me is this cute little Moon Light! As I knew I was getting my desk, I asked for mainly some desk decorations, and this light is super cute! It holds a lot of light, and looks cute on my shelf! Danny also got me a speech bubble light but I have yet to set it up!

The next few bits of presents were from one of my closest friends Becca! She sent me a little package with some of the cutest things ever! One of my favorite things is the bath bomb she bought for me! She got one for herself, and when she saw I liked it, sent me one! I was so happy and grateful, as she didn’t have to send me anything at all!

The bath bomb had a cute Chip keyring inside, which comes out when you drop it in the bath! I’m yet to try it, but it smells amazing! Some more presents included some cute Christmas socks and some stationery! And you can’t go wrong with stationery!

She also got me these cute little hanging things (forgive me, I’m not good with words! 😂) and they are SO ADORABLE. The “good vibes only” one not only matches my desk, but Becca is someone I can always rely on to help me if I need someone, and she always reminds me to stay positive! The cute little Me & You hanger is sitting on my little Christmassy tree right now!

My desk set up!

Moreover, I got some vouchers from my brother and sister (alongside some food goodies). The vouchers are for makeup, so I’m excited to go have a look and see what catches my eye! Alongside a brand (MAANGE) sending me a 10 piece set of brushes as a little birthday gift, which I am so thankful for!

I am eternally grateful for everything I received for my birthday! With turning 20, I was not expecting anything, and with some horrible events, I just wanted to be left alone. But I am so happy with everything I got, and I’m excited to see what being 20 holds! Maybe I’ll get a life!

Reminder: Blogmas starts on the 12th! Keep an eye out for my blogmas posts!

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