Blog post ideas for the Chronically Ill bloggers

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If you’re like me, you’ll likely go through periods of blogger’s writer block. Especially when you’re chronically ill, your memory is just the worst, and you sometimes feel like you’ve got no ideas or spark left! Here are a few prompts on chronic illness related posts you could do! [Read all my chronic illness posts here!]

1. My Support System – Who I’m truly grateful for and why
2. My diagnosis story.
3. Things you should never say to someone with chronic illnesses.
4. Things you SHOULD say to someone with chronic illness.
5. The Hospital Life – Top Tips for someone about to have a hospital stay.
6. Do I identify with the Spoon Theory?
7. Dear my loved ones.
8. Makeup and Illness, how do I do it?
9. Comfy Clothes for the Chronically Ill.
10. *Check if there is an awareness day coming up that you relate to!* post.
11. Making money from home ideas.
12. Funniest things I’ve ever heard as a “Spoonie”
13. The chronic illness community – Thoughts?
14. The Battle to be understood.
15. Therapies/Meds Review
16. Interview with a fellow spoonie.
17. Fun but stress free activities to do.
18. Colour Therapy – Favourite colouring books.
19. TV Shows/Movies that highlight chronic illness in the world and got it right.
20. The Chronic Illness Tag
21. Surviving Winter and staying warm!
22. My condition’s myths – time to be debunked!
23. Self Care advice
24. How to journal as a spoonie!
25. How to blog and be chronically ill!

Have you done any of these? Leave me your links in the comments to check out!

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  1. Love this list! Thanks for sharing, been having a complete mental block!!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend 🙂

    💛 Emma B

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