BLOGMAS / Am I Doing It? Any Tips for this year?

Every year, BLOGMAS takes place amongst the bloggers of the land, and creates a joyous sprinkle across the community! I’ve never really looked into it much, but this year I have decided to do it! And here is why!

What is Blogmas?
Blogmas is an event, where bloggers do one post a day during December, in relation to Christmas! There are several types of enacting Blogmas, with 3 main ways! But like myself, you can add your own spin on to it!

  • 1 post per day during the whole of December.
  • 1 post for 12 selective days in December.
  • 1 post per day till the 24th-25th of December.

Am I definitely doing Blogmas?
Yes I am! I’ve done my research and currently planning my posts to schedule for the days to come. But how am I doing it? Basically after last year, I’ve decided I’m going to TRY and do 12 days of Blogmas! (1st of December till the 12th). Just because I did 23 days last year, and it was hectic getting them finished, alongside them making sense! (Why did I do gift guides near christmas?).

Why should you take part in Blogmas?
It sets you into the community of bloggers doing it! It’s constant posts in one particular month, that may affect your engagement, and make some new blogger friends! It’s a month that more collabs happen and your DA is more likely to spike up! And I’ve heard it’s actually a lot of fun! So, if you feel you need an online event, to help spruce up your blog; Blogmas is one of the best to get involved with!

Blogmas Ideas;

I took my inspiration for Blogmas posts, from several different blogs! Including When Tania Talks, Louise Rose Railton and Joseph Burrows. Here are some ideas I’ve concluded myself! And no I am not using all of these (I may use some), but just some ideas I’ve created!

1. Why You Love Christmas.
2. Top 10 Gifts for Spoonies this Christmas.
3. Your top 10 Christmas Songs.
4. Your top 10 Christmas Films.
5. What you are grateful for this year.
6. Christmas Traditions.
7. Secret Santa Gift Ideas.
8. Parent Gift Ideas.
9. Christmas Market Review.
10. Best Christmas Gift Boxes.
11. Best Christmas Eve boxes.
12. Best Christmas Deals.
13. Christmas Events in your City.
14. Pantomime Review
15. Your favourite Christmas tales/folklore!
16. Christmas Abroad!
17. A Christmas Giveaway. 
18. Christmas Looks! (You could spread these out too!)
19. Favourite Christmas Outfits/Jumpers.
20. What you’re hoping for this Christmas.
21. A Christmas DIY project!
22. Your favourite Christmas decorations!
23. How you decorate your Christmas Tree.
24. Christmas Crafts.
25. Homemade Present Ideas.
26. Stocking Filler ideas.
27. Present HAUL!
28. How you spend New Years.
29. New Year Resolutions.
30. What you are looking forward to for next year!
31. Yearly Faves and Fails products!

My Tips for anyone who may be doing it for the first time.
1. Start scheduling them now! I had half scheduled, and half weren’t written till the night before/early morning and it was TERRIBLE.
2. Always interact with other bloggers taking part. Leave comments, reblog/retweet their posts. It’ll help yours get noticed too!
3. Make sure they make sense! Don’t do gift guides nearer to Christmas! (Like me last year.)
4. Get involved in collabs/tags such as the Sweater Weather Tag, Winter Tags etc! 
5. Do your research!
6. Pictures do not need to be your own. I was majorly under pressure thinking if I wanted to create gift guides or talk about something, I had to own it, but you don’t! Check out the website Unsplash, or always credit where you got the picture from. Taking your own is great for uniqueness but it’s not a worry!

So are you doing Blogmas too? Leave me a comment below with your blog link so I can read your December posts! And, if you’d like to do a Christmassy collab, get in contact with me via email! (

6 thoughts on “BLOGMAS / Am I Doing It? Any Tips for this year?

  1. Thank you for the tips and ideas. This is my first year doing Blogmas and I am excited. I participated in NaBloPoMo last year so I have gone a month with posting everyday. I agree that it is better to be organized and can relate to feeling the pressure at times to get the posts done and scrambling to come up with content or find photos. I will use some of these ideas thank you.

  2. This is soo helpful! I saw Blogmas all over my timeline last year but I had no idea what it was! I'm definitely going to be participating this year though!

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