#BLOGMAS DAY 10; My Ideal Christmas!

Although I consider my Christmas to be perfect for what it is, there’s always a sense of wanting it bigger or even better; somewhere nice! I see people experiencing these sort of Christmases, and always hope one day I’ll experience it myself one year! This blog post is what my ideal Christmas would be if it was possible!

Every year, it’s me, Mum, Dad, Grandad, Sister, Niece and Nephew. It has been for the last 3 years! There was a time where it was the WHOLE family! Aunts, Uncles, cousins etc! Whether it was at our house when I was under 5, or at our local pub when I was 9/10! It was always the whole family together. Sadly, as I got older, our Christmas day got smaller, but I was perfectly fine with that! However I wish we could go back to big Family Christmases! Maybe just adding my brother and my other two nephews on, but it would be so perfect!

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New York.
As a gossip girl fanatic, New York is my dream destination, whether Christmas or not! Shopping, Tourist Attractions, it has A LOT I want to see. But New York has always been dear to me, and it’s due to the Christmas I’ve always seen it have! The snow in particular! I LOVE Snow. I hate the aftermath of ice, but the feeling of seeing snow outside my window, makes it feel like a true Christmas. Of course, Snow comes with it’s downfalls, which New York experience (black outs, unable to go to Work, being snowed in). And then there’s the ball dropping at New Years! Which I’ve always wanted to see in person! It’s always been a dream to experience Christmas in the big apple! And hopefully one day I will!

Christmas Sing Alongs.
I don’t know if this is because of Glee, or romantic films I’ve watched. But I always imagined when I moved out, and had kids, we would have this massive Ebony piano, where myself and my husband would play and sing Christmas songs, for the children. Yes, it sounds so cliche, but that’s what my ideal Christmas would be. I love to sing, I’m not a professional or consider myself the next Adele, but I think I can sing quite well. My boyfriend can sing too! Always being referenced as Frank Sinatra, with the raspy jazzy tone he has. We’d be like Doris Day and Frank Sinatra in “Young at Heart”! My dream Christmas would be to get the guitar out, or piano and sing some Christmas songs together by a fire. Maybe that’s too idealistic? But it’s something I hope for with my children in the future.

This blog post was a little short, but this is mainly due to the fact; there isn’t much I would change with my Christmas. I still spend the festive season with the people I love and care for, I am grateful for anything I get or the fact I can spend time with my family. And the things I would change, are easy (or somehow will happen) that I don’t need them right now!
What would your ideal Christmas be? Would you change anything about yours now? Leave a comment below!

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