Blogmas Day 10: What I Love about Christmas

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Happy 10th day of Blogmas! Isn’t this exciting? Anyway, I did this post last year, and literally, nothings changed. Seriously, I read through it and was like “gosh these are all the same”. So I’ve tweeked a few parts! Enjoy!


This may sound weird, but I love the fact Christmas or Winter involves putting more clothes on. This may be from an insecurity perspective, but when it’s Summer, you can only take off so much clothing without being judged, so in Winter or at Christmas, you can head to Primark, and buy a fluffy jumper, hat, gloves and scarf and layer them clothes up to keep warm! I love the idea of wearing christmas jumpers, having a nice cup of tea and being super warm of your own accord.


As someone who values her family above anything else, bonding is always important to me. My anxiety has always made me feel like an outsider in any social circle, but my family will always be at the top of my list of importance. However, at Christmas I feel, my family comes together, even if there are spats or family drama some years, I feel like it brings my family closer together and highlights the love that is in the world.  

Christmas Songs!

Christmas songs are my major motivation after Halloween comes along. I just love Christmas songs. They either make you cry with how beautiful Christmas can be, or make you want to dance round your kitchen while cooking Christmas dinner.

Christmas Adverts!
Don’t lie and tell me you never look forward to the Coca Cola advert every year? Everyone knows once that hits the TV, you can start the festive celebrations! Christmas adverts can bring tears, happiness, and some are just plain hysterical! One of the best is the Sainsbury’s “1914” Christmas advert (see above!), they did in 2014. It really tugged at the heart strings, and with having heard and learned so many stories about this day, if you don’t shed a tear, ARE YOU HUMAN? Of course, it’s not to everyone’s tastes and sometimes we need super silly Christmas adverts, you can watch a compilation of some wonderful adverts shown in the past years!

Advent Calendars!

You could easily bulk buy general advent calendars and have something to open once a day! But Advent Calendars always add a little sprinkle of joy to your morning! My mum has not bought me advent calendars since I was 15? But this year she decides to buy me 2 (See above). I don’t like milky bar, but I was so excited to see my dairy milk calendar! It really does cheer you up when you’re a bad sleeper like me, and get a little bit of chocolate in the morning! And there are so many types of advent calendars you can get! Philip Schofield (from ITV’s This Morning) bought himself an alcohol advent calendar last year, and it was hilarious all the videos he put on his snapchat (If you haven’t got him, his snapchat is “philipschofe”, YOU NEED HIM.) You can also get various makeup advent calendars, cheese advent calendars, gaming advent calendars and even cereal advent calendars!

And last but not least; Christmas Films!
My all time favourite Christmas film is listed above! To some it may look very poorly made, or low budget, but this film was first shown on Christmas 24 (the christmassy film channel.) I fell in love with that channel a good few years ago, due to a film called A Christmas Kiss, and this year I’ve refell in love with it due to a film called The Christmas Train!. This film is the ultimate Christmas romance film, and it’s like a fairy tale. Of course I enjoy the classics like White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life and then the family films such as When the Grinch Stole Christmas and Fred Claus too. Christmas films bring the family together or better yet, give you this sense of fulfillment, and you can live your fairy tale through them. They have plot twists which may make you sad, but the essence of it always reverting back to Christmas implies hope among merriment.

These are my favourite things about Christmas (once condensed). This Christmas is extremely exciting, because it’s also Sox’s first Christmas, so that’s another reason to love Christmas too. And I can’t wait for ones where we’re in our home either!

What do you love about Christmas?

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