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Everyone loves a good gift guide right? Well are you dating a blogger? Is your child a blogger? Well here are my top gifts for someone who vlogs or blogs! I actually haven’t seen anyone doing this, but if you have done it, please let me know below!

Taken by me – A 2018 Diary.

Firstly, something any blogger needs is a planner, at least I think! I constantly have ideas flowing through my mind, and I always love to write them down and plan them out! Of course many people use their phone’s notes, but I feel like a notebook or planner can help you plan them out (duh) more easier? I personally use a Slytherin notebook from Primark, but there are many planners that are suitable!

Next is more an expensive product, but it’s usually worth it if you can! A camera! I personally use my phone for most pictures, but have a camera for if I’m on my travels! A camera is a must have, and it doesn’t need to break the bank either! I actually have a Polaroid camera, which cost me 26 pounds! And I’ve used it a few times, and it makes for the best memories!

Something you can get a blogger is something they can review! I wanted to leave this open to suit any blogger so didn’t choose a specific product. But if you know the person loves makeup, get them a makeup product like an eyeshadow! They can easily review the product. If they’re a fashion blogger (of course, do some snooping) you can get them a nice watch or jacket. The more things you can get them that are new and could do a good review or anything on, the better!

Next is something also super easy and you can pop on to Etsy and get, is a blogger domain/theme! If they’re a written blogger like me, your own domain is amazing, and has so many benefits in this world! There are many on places like GoDaddy, Name Cheap etc! And in regards to themes, there are a lot of free ones, but buying your own can seriously be so unique and add your own little sparkles into it too! Or instead of a domain or theme, you can buy them a header! I got mine from another blogger called Dork Face. She’s an amazing artist, and she doesn’t just design one, she’ll design multiple for you to mix it up a bit! She’s very kind too and it’s all designed to that person! So I’m sure she can do something!

(Picture taken by me – Fairy Lights & Christmas Bunting)

Another “blogger” object are fairy lights! They are an essential part of being a blogger (of course not having them doesn’t make you any less of a blogger!). I personally love my fairy lights, and mine are “decorative” ones. They have litte flower detachable heads and I can switch them around, take them off and their lights are very warm and go well with my desk decor! They are great for in pictures, and definitely great decorations! I got mine as a birthday present from my parents to go with my desk, and I can’t imagine it without them!

And that’s all I have to suggest in this short gift guide! Do you have any suggestions as a blogger? I tried to keep it as “gender neutral” as possible, as I didn’t state a gender, and any of these gifts can be gifted to any blogger!

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