#BLOGMAS DAY 12; My 5 Favourite Vlogmas Vloggers!

Have you been watching loads of vlogmas videos as much as me? Well today I’m showing you my top 5! Who have you been watching?

Soph is one of my fave bloggers! Her vlogmas posts are super cute! And she’s so honest and is never afraid to hide things!

Jazzybum is so different! She doesn’t stick to the stereotype videos, and always uploads them the same day!

Emma keeps her vlogs on the same main channel, and highlights her general love for vlogging. She also manages to do normal videos alongside them!

Sophie does my favourite vlogs! Instead of doing one per day, she does multiple days in one video! And sometimes it’s nicer to watch!

Floral Princess (Anastasia)

Anastasia is someone I’ve followed in the blogging community since I started myself! I love watching her videos, and it’s nice to grow along the side of another blogger!

Who have you been watching this Vlogmas?

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