#BLOGMAS DAY 2- Top 10 Films – I’ll Watch At Christmas! *PLOT TWIST*

Disclaimer: I took 4 of these pictures (Wonderful Life, West Side Story, Narnia and Russell Howard).

Blogmas is still on a roll! And I’ve decided to take on the challenge of doing up until the 26th now! (I change my mind ALOT) so I will try not to digress! This blog post is the top 10 christmas films. However, these films will not just be the films that are meant for christmas, but films I always tend to lean towards watching at Christmas. 

It’s A Wonderful Life.

One of my mum’s favourite films! The classic black and white film, has a angelic plot with George Bailey (James Stewart) wishes he was dead, and is shown a series of events by an angel, of what he would be missing if he was dead. To me, it has a scrooge type feel except rather than people hoping he would disappear, he is shown how much he has impacted several lives. This film, as I said is an absolute CLASSIC. It makes you feel warm inside, and the ending scene of singing Aud Lang Syne is truly beautiful. The film’s message is never take what you have for granted, and that you will always have people that rely 
on you, just as much as you rely on them!


Christmas Kiss.

As stated in my first blogmas post, Christmas Kiss is one of my all time favourite Christmas films. The “forbidden love/mysterious kiss” genre, will always be my go to, ever since I was little and loved Barbie; Swan Lake. I love the elements they used, a mixture of theatre, interior design and true love. The film is one of the most watched Christmas films on Christmas 24, and I will always throw it on in December!

Narnia Series!

Okay so these aren’t technically Christmas films, but their book background is based on the Bible, so they are basically Christmas themed. I sadly only have the second one on DVD, but it made for a great picture! Narnia was always my favourite (or; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe) as a child. I don’t know whether it was because I’ve always had an infinite crush on James Mcavoy, or the fact I was so interested in the Bible (I am in no way religious, but I always enjoyed reading the bible. No judge) that a film with a foundation of it intrigued me. The first episode I feel is the most christmassy, as Edmund meets the Snow Queen and the theme being “Hope”. And don’t forget we see Father Christmas 


Dr Seuss’ When the Grinch stole Christmas

An utter classic! Of course, there are 2, the cartoon from the 1960s and the Jim Carey one, and by this one I mean the Jim Carey one is AMAZING. The debut role by Taylor Momsen as Cindylou was adorable also. The film not only highlights that Christmas can have it’s negatives but that they can also be overcome. As well as showing good can overcome evil, it’s a hilarious film with songs, and Jim Carey doesn’t cease to make us laugh.

West Side Story

This isn’t a Christmas film, but it’s a film I always watch when cuddled up in my blanket with a hot chocolate (Update: I never used to like hot chocolate until this year? Weird isn’t it?). West Side Story is a “Romeo and Juliet” musical based on 2 gangs, where a woman and man fall in forbidden love. Yes, yes it’s not a Christmas film but it’s a film I can throw on, in the cold days and feel warm and rhapsodic, while dancing around my room to the beat of “America”. 

White Christmas.

Another classic like “It’s a wonderful life”, White Christmas is a 1954 comedy musical, that branded the song “White Christmas” (duh!). The basis of financial instability highlights that there are families out there, that even if this positive light we all attach to Christmas, are struggling and not everyone will have a happy Christmas. But the ending where all gather to sing “White Christmas”, Bing Crosby’s voice contributes to the happy soul, and will always bring a smile to people’s faces, knowing that there is help out there.

Russell Howard Live

Again, not a Christmas film of any sort, but is it just my family that will put on a stand up comic at Christmas to have some laughs? Russel Howard is another guilty pleasure for me, as although some find him weird, I can’t help but love him. He’s not only hysterical but very honest, and that’s what I like in a comic. He makes the wintery breezy nights more bearable, and also a non-forced laughter to come out. Of course, hes usually accompanied by Lee Evans or Chris Ramsey too!


. Back to Christmas films! Now everyone is OBSESSED with Elf. You can’t deny that it’s one of the most popular Christmas films of all time, and I can’t help but LOVE it. I literally get like Buddy in the scene above when it’s Christmas Eve! And it’s always a sprinkle of happiness to watch with the kids! It’s a bundle of laughs and it’s a film for anyone of any age to enjoy!

Image result for mickey's christmas carol

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Now this was a film, I would have my parents replay time and time again. Mickey’s Christmas carol was the first ever time I knew what “A Christmas Carol” was before venturing to read or watch the Dicken’s version. I love that Disney ventured into the Dicken’s world themselves, allowing children to discover the great story themselves. As always it highlight’s that Scrooge, cannot always be miserable and needs to live his life to the fullest. At Christmas, we must be greatful for what we have! And remember those around us, are what keep us going, and without the people we love, we are nothing!

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Christmas Mail

Last but not least, Christmas Mail! This film is constantly shown on Channel 5 from the end of November up until Christmas! I always try and find new Christmas films to love, that are TV based, rather than from the cinema? Just as they’re more unique and definitely different to big budget films! Christmas Mail is based on a delusional postal worker who is hired to spy on this woman, who is believed to be a spy, when in fact she just works for her father (Santa) by collecting letters written to him from various post offices! As any romantic Christmas film will tell you, he’ll fall in love with her after overcoming trials and tribulations. I feel it is something different, and although I love a good romantic film, but this one has so many twist and turns, it’s definitely worth a watch!

And they are my top 10 Christmas or “what I’ll watch at Christmas” films! I hope you enjoyed this post! And what are your top Christmassy films? Or films you just weirdly only watch in the festive period? Let me know in the comments!

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