#BLOGMAS DAY 3; Christmas Traditions!

Blogmas Day 3 is coming a little late, as I’ve had to re-edit this (Thanks Blogger for deleting this randomly!). Day 3 is all focused on my Christmas traditions, and Christmas Traditions really make me happy! I sadly don’t have many pictures in relation to this blog post, as I’ve never written about Christmas traditions before, so I hope you enjoy!

Chocolate for Breakfast!
A few days ago, there was a thread on Facebook, asking people what they eat for breakfast at Christmas. Most said cereal, an all day breakfast and other things! I was actually quite surprised, as our family tradition is to have our selection boxes for Christmas, just as we’ll have a chocolate egg at Easter! I have no idea why that is, but our Christmas morning is always so busy, I think the Selection box is the right way to go? It’s every child’s dream to have chocolate for Breakfast, and it makes Christmas that little bit more special!

Christmas Clothes!
I don’t know if it’s a worldwide thing, but anyone else have specific clothing for Christmas? You buy the outfit a month or so in advance, and don’t put it on till the great day? Well, that’s one of our traditions! I think it makes the clothes more special, and I guess it’s more of a “holiday” tradition, rather than just a Christmas one. But, the advantages of this, is feeling special on the day and feeling fresh for the all festivities on that day! And we can’t forget our great christmas PJs! If you don’t have specific Christmas PJ’s, you’re missing out! There’s also Christmas Jumper Day, which was always a sight for sore eyes when I was in college! Although it was a national day, my college teachers always made it a tradition (or should I say competition!) to wear the ugliest or funniest jumpers they could find!

Every year, myself, my mum, sister and niece will always go see the most “princessy” Pantomime around Christmas! Last Christmas, we went to see Snow White and as usual I loved it! Pantomimes have always been my family tradition. When I was younger, I would go with my Nanna Rita (RIP) and my great auntie/mum, and we’d always go see little pantomimes. My nan would take me to different theatres each year, to experience different forms of acting and to experience the different forms of Pantomimes. One of my favourite memories, is of going to see Jack and the Beanstalk, and the evil giant running around with a water gun! It’s something I will definitely continue when I have kids of my own! This year we are going to see Cinderella, and I am so excited!

 Swapping Tables!
Now this may seem like a super silly tradition, but it’s one of my fondest ones, as it’s what we do at midnight every Christmas eve. In my house, we have 2 tables. One in the kitchen in which we eat on (duh!), and one in the parlour, which we are not allowed to touch, which we’ve never understood why, but we have always considered it the “posh table”. Every Christmas Eve, or just as it turns Christmas, we will put the “posh” table into the kitchen, while putting the “eating table” into the parlour, on which we’ll eat on Christmas Day. The “posh table” is used as a “treats station” in which my mum will decorate and put our celebration/hero boxes on. This probably sounds weird, but I guess we find the parlour more appropriate to eat in on Christmas Day? Or our kitchen is always swamped from cooking? I have no idea why we do it, but we do!

For credit, click here. Do you follow any of these traditions from around the world?
Disney Films!
Okay, so we may not be the only family to do this, but every Christmas, there is one Disney film on the TV around 5pm. After our Christmas meal and the queen’s speech, we will sit down and watch the chosen Disney film. I find this to be one of the best traditions just because it never usually has anything to do with Christmas (except if it’s Frozen maybe?) but it brings all the family into the living room, we eat our chocolate gateau and my Dad says “And that’s the end of Christmas!”. Of course, we ignore him, but it really does add a nice end to the Christmas Day before the alcohol comes out! 

What are some of your Christmas traditions? Do you share any the same as me? Or do you have some wacky/wonderful ones? Leave a comment below!

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