#BLOGMAS DAY 4 – What to buy a Spoonie this Christmas!

One of my most popular blog posts to date! After telling people in my “Am I Doing Blogmas” post about some blogmas post ideas, this one was the one my blogging friends most related to, and infact helped a few spoonie bloggers with a post! So these are my “Spoonie” Christmas Gift Buys! Now, most of these I actually own, and I had so many ideas, that I may have to split it into two! So if you’d like to see a “Part 2” please comment below!

Now if you’re unsure what a spoonie is, a “Spoonie” is someone who suffers with chronic illnesses. It was a term coined by a woman called Christina, and ever since, many people use it to refer to themselves with! These gifts are suited to those that may be low on spoons or have a chronic illness, and just what I feel would put a smile on their beautiful faces! As I said, I have most of these myself!

Firstly a Diary! You can never go wrong with a diary! I myself use diaries like the one above (Poundland) to write my daily symptoms down! As someone with “White Coat Syndrome” (Fear of speaking to doctors – there are two forms.) I never seem to tell the doctors everything I want to say, or have always had to take my mum so she can talk for me. Then someone told me to just write everything down in a diary, symptoms, when i get them, what I’ve done that day, when my cycle is etc. And then when it comes to appointments, use it as notes OR just hand it over to them! Doctors appreciate it as it’s not wasting time thinking AND helps you out too! I’m someone who gets a new diary every Christmas or at my birthday usually from my sister, and I’m always so happy to get one due to this!

Next, we have a “Self Care Cheat Sheet” created by Dork Face! Jemma actually designed all my headers for my blog! And she is extremely talented! I don’t actually have one of these, but hoping to invest very soon! Not only are they cute, they can be personalised to you. They make great gifts to remind people, that they have to care for themselves and do all their favourite things! And don’t forget to support small businesses!

This is probably a no brainer, but you can not go wrong with Heat/Cold Pads! I personally use heat pads, as my pain is mostly “organ” related, and heat eases everything for me! You never realise how helpful these little things are! And you can get them so cheap, yet good quality too! There are also ones you can get for specific things (period pain, back pain) and you can get them of course in cold compress, or cold freeze packs too! I got the ones above from Home Bargains, and I think they were 80p? But as I said, they’re very cheap if they’re from the right place!

Colouring Books are great! I personally like to keep a small colouring book with a few pencils in my bag, on appointment days! It’s just very calming when sitting waiting for an appointment, and you never know when you’ll be called in, especially at the Hospital! Not only are they calming, you can buy so many types! And it can cater to any age! And as a stationery lover, you can buy some lovely pens too to help!

I got this bath fizzer as a birthday present off my sister, but I felt like it’s a great present for a spoonie! Why get a normal bath, when you can get an exciting bath!? If you’re like me, and need a bath to relax or help with pain, then you need to spice up your bathroom life! I can only use sensitive products, so of course I have to be careful, but if you can find the right products, you can have a pretty looking bath! It not only helps you relax, but can give you a little bit of joy after losing some spoons!

For those makeup lovers like myself, although this is more on the pricier side compared to the other things I have stated, I personally use this every day. As someone who suffers with Chronic Fatigue, my bags look deadly! I always look tired or have “Resting B*tch” face, and not always looking to put makeup on to cover it. The Clinique “Even Better Eyes” is a tinted moisturiser, that after some time, will help reduce the swelling and tone of your bags. I’ve found it helps hydrate the skin, and works rather fast! I’ve especially been using it in the run up to Christmas! And even though the product is suited towards the older demographic (rude), as a 20 year old spoonie, I can recommend.

Finally, some little uplifting goodies! This winter season, you know we all need some lip balm! I bought a little christmassy trio by Sweet Snuggles from Superdrug for £1! These lip balms are SO hydrating, and I know I always suffer with super dry lips and with having recurrent cold sores, I need to keep my lips hydrated to ensure I prevent them! Furthermore, the cute little Beauty and the Beast purses (£5 each in Primark)! Both of these are technically purses, but I use these to store things! I know a few spoonies who use these to put their support aids in, or to not carry anything heavy they take these out in a small bag! They’re SO cute, and you can’t beat them!

So I hope you enjoyed this little gift guide! It may not suit some people, but I always like to make my posts related to me? And I know a lot of you out there would LOVE some of this stuff! If you have any more ideas, leave them below!

Looking for a Self Care Box to give this Christmas? Why not support a small business, and buy a “Merry Box” or ” Chronic Box” from me at Chronically Shops? Head over to my Etsy, and you can use the code “CHRONICCHRISTMAS” when you spend over £10 for 10% off! They also work on my other boxes, and ends on the 20th! So if you need a gift quick, go ahead!

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