#BLOGMAS DAY 6; Christmas Decorations on a Budget!

If you have me on Snapchat (Ameslou24) you’ll have seen my christmas decorations on my desk! I’ve had a few questions about where I got my decorations from, and how people were surprised they were cheap! And I’m someone who loves a good bargain!

Firstly we have two items in the picture above that I got as an absolute bargain! The candle is from Asda’s Home section. It is one of my favourite candles, and I purchased it a while back just for my desk, when it arrived! The scent comes straight off as soon as you burn it, and it lasts up to 25 hours! And the price? 80p! Not even £1 which I would of paid for a candle like this, it was 80p. It’s cute, modern and does the job!

Next, the tinsel I have around my desk is white with these lovely stars hanging off, which is SO cute! You get quite a lot for the price (£1) too! I got this tinsel from Poundworld! It’s excellent quality, and it’s super fun and different!

These fairy lights are my LIFE! If you want to be a “typical” blogger you have to have fairy lights! Of course I’m kidding, but how I’ve lasted without these in so long is madness! These were gifted to me by my mum for my new desk, and I’m so glad I have them. The light is super good and they light up my whole room, but they’re also cute also making for great pictures!

Candles are a MUST in this season! And I found some amazing ones from Poundworld! The candles you can see in the little reindeer (I will come to that) are “Gingerbread Latte” and it cost £1 for 20 tea lights! Although candles are a must have, you can get Christmas scented ones, without spending so much on them! Poundworld also had the scents in different forms of candles (voltives, large etc) so can cater to whatever your candle needs are!

And then we have this cute little reindeer! The minute I saw this, I knew I HAD to have it! There were two available in Poundland (£1), one in cream and one in black and of course I went for the cream! It fits the tea lights in so perfectly, and goes great with the other decor!

Finally we have this cute tree bunting from AliExpress! This bunting cost me 75p! It’s super cute, festive and can be hung up easily with blue (I prefer Pink) tac! They can look cute anywhere, as you can see I have a few up on my desk but we also have the same ones up on our fireplace too! The product is made from felt, so it can be a little flimsy but they make for great pictures!

So these are my decorations on a budget! Do you have any great finds? Leave them in the comments below!

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