#BLOGMAS DAY 8; Christmas Stationery!

This blog post goes out to all my stationery addicts out there! If you’re like me (a bullet journalist, a person who likes to write or generally look at makeup) this blog post is for you! This blog post will focus on all my favourite Christmas stationery finds!

Disclaimer: This post features a lot of stationery found via AliExpress. Although I am in talks with a few brands from that website, this blog post is in no way endorsed by themselves and all opinions and options were chosen by me.

Firstly we have these super cute and quirky Snowmen pens (although, I see more elves due to the hats?) which are from Ebay! I got a set of four and they come in several different colours (Red, Blue, Purple and Black!) One of my biggest pet peeves is blue ink (In exams, you have to write in black officially, so it was brainwashed into my head never to use blue ink again), and sadly these write in blue. However they’re simple ballpoint pens with a fun Christmas twist!

Left to Right; Gold Washi (Ebay), Green Washi (B+M), Red Washi (B+M), Green Trees Washi (AliExpress)
Next is one of my FAVOURITE items. Washi Tape! Now, if you don’t know what Washi Tape is, let me explain. Basically Washi Tape is pretty tape? It can be used to decorate, or used as you’d use normal cello tape, or you can use it to sit in a box and look nice, like I do! Above you can see my Christmas themed washi tape, and my ultimate favourite is the Snowman Washi tape from AliExpress! They are so cute, and very collectible! And for what you pay for it, you get a lot of product!

How adorable are these stickers though!? For my birthday, my best friend Becca got me these stickers, and I adore them! I believe they’re from Tesco? You get them in separate packs. The Christmas trees are glitter so that’s really exciting, and they’re flat; so they go great in a Bullet Journal. The other various stickers are “bubbly” meaning they can imprint on pages, however they’re great for little space fillers!

And then we have more stickers! These stickers I also purchased from AliExpress! They come in a pack of 46 and have various uses. They can go straight onto presents, or put in as little box treats! I personally have used these stickers in the corner of each of my December weeklies, as a little reminder that Christmas is SO close!

Finally, we have Printables! As you can see by the name, Printables are “stickers” you can print out and stick into your planner or bullet journal! Many people such as Everything Etsy create these pages for us to simply print out! You can buy special ones or find ones for free like these ones! They’re affordable, and easily transfer onto sticker paper (or normal paper, if you like a bit of cut and glue!)

Do you have any stationery you’ve found and loved that’s Christmas themed? Leave a comment below!

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