#BLOGMAS DAY 9; Christmas “Spoonie” Day Makeup Look 1!

Todays post is back to the Beauty side of my blog! I will be showing one of my first ever makeup looks rather than in a palette review (although it was the first time I used this palette.) Also, a quick note; I am in no way a MUA or someone who sees themself as good at makeup. My makeup is always simple, and I am always improving. This Christmas look is more aimed at people like myself (with Chronic Illnesses) who may want to look glam this Christmas, while not putting in loads of effort!
For this look, I used the new Beauty Glazed “Sunset” Palette, which I will be reviewing very shortly! This palette is filled with very warm tones which may be more suited for Autumn however, I took this palette and created a look I would wear on Christmas, with warm tones.

Firstly I put on my primer (Makeup Revolution Pro Base), with the NARS All Day foundation. I then went on to do my eyebrows using the Freedom Pro Brow Pomade (Dark Brown). I used the MUA Concealer to carve out my brows (or at least tried to, while I’m letting them grow out) and then used the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer as eyeshadow primer. 

(Before Blend)

I then used the shade “Pumpkin” as a transition shade. I then went over it with “Cinnamond” which is a little more of a browner tone. Then on the outer corners I took “Volcano| and mixed it with “Mocha”. Once blending that in about half way on my eye lid, I took the MUA concealer, and created a cut crease. After letting this dry, I wet my brush, and took a large amount of “24K” and put it on the concealer. I then took “Mocha” again and blended the middle.

I then went back to “Pumpkin” and redit the transition colour very lightly over the top.
Final Look!

I then took the shade “Pearl” which is a blinding shade, and used that in the corner of my eyes, and then taking the shade “Rose” and “Mermaid” on the water line. On Christmas Day I tend not to wear lashes, just because I love volumised lashes yet I want to wear my glasses so I took my Makeup Revolution mascaras (Amazing Volume & Awesome Lash) and do a few layers to volumise my lashes! Then it’s back over to the face!

Looking pale and bloating, while still feeling glamorous!

I redo my concealer under my eye, pairing it with the Makeup Revolution “Star Light” Elixir, to give it a little glow and foundation for my main highlighter. For blush, I use the Primark Blush in Pearl and then for highlighter I took the Pink toned highlighter from the MUR “Soph” Palette! And a finishing Christmas touch is the lips, using the MUA Lip Lacquer in Reckless!

With this look I was going for glam, while keeping festive and autumnal. I am in no way a professional at makeup, so I always try to keep it to 3/4 shades on the eyes, and use light coverage foundation. This is a look I’d recommend to any spoonie this Christmas, looking glam and hopefully restoring some spoons for the big Christmas dinner later on! On this particular day, I had a massive chronic pelvic pain flare, alongside some anemia low moods. Yet, looking at pictures and getting this look together, I started to feel a little better in myself.

If you recreate this look, I would love to see! And I’m sure many can do it 10 times better! 

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