Bullet Journal: June 2019

Bullet Journalling has been a big part of my life since I was around 16 and started college, but since getting pregnant it has been the last thing on my mind. The motivation to do anything really has been lacklustre. But during my final full month, I decided to hop back onto the bujo train! And although this will be a short blog post, I’m glad to do a post like this! And hopefully, see more stationery themed posts on my blog!

May 28th-2nd June

For June I didn’t go with a specific theme for the month, but went with a colour scheme for each week! Starting with purple/pink for the first week (and the last). I really enjoyed doing these spreads, as each week looks different and I got a spark back into my life!





June didn’t start off very busy, but near the end of the month I was swimming in a lot of appointments, of course, most pregnancy related. It was kind of sad to start of the month kind of empty, especially with starting my bujo (bullet journal) again, but it was “sadly” exciting to use more stickers near the end.




 Typically I used my bullet journal to document chronic illness issues, appointments etc but it was nice to be able to decorate it properly, and include other things like actually leaving the house and pregnancy-related things! Furthermore I also got to use a lot of supplies I had stored away, even though I hate using stickers, it was nice to get rid of the stash! (If you would like to know where I got anything, just ask!)


Do you bullet journal? Have any tips or shops you like to buy from? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Your bujo is so cute & colourful! I've always wanted to bullet journal but never seem creative enough so just end up writing colour coordinated lists instead. Doh!

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