Christmas Break

Lately, I’ve been going through a major blogging rut, so I decided it needs to be addressed, so my DA doesn’t get effected as bad, or it doesn’t create a massive gap. Sometimes, us bloggers go through something like this. Where we’re unmotivated, we have writers block or want to take a bit of a break from writing, and all 3 is what I’m going through right now. 

This year has been so hectic for myself, and the people around me, that I threw myself into my blog, because I needed to escape, and keep myself busy when there were times I was left alone with my thoughts. I’ve had great news, terrifying news and more, and at the end of this year, I’ve finally looked at myself and gone “Gosh you’re exhausted”. So just like at school, from the 21st I’m taking some time off. There may be some blog posts already scheduled for the Christmas weeks, but I need time to focus on everything around me, rather than this blog. And I just needed to address it. 

Hopefully 2019 will be a busy year, without the unneeded stress. Hopefully, my blog content will flourish, alongside my life. And I hope everyone has a great Christmas, and a prosperous new year!

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