Creating the Perfect Pamper Environment in your bathroom: How To*


Having a pamper area in your home is essential if you’re going to take self care seriously – as we all should be. What better place to create your pamper environment than the bathroom? The bathroom is the perfect place to have some ‘you’ time. Read on for some advice that will make it the ideal environment for this! 

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Add Plants That Like Humidity

Adding plants to your bathroom gives it a great natural touch, but they need to be plants that enjoy humid environments or they won’t thrive. Having them from the ceiling and adding as many as you can fit can give your bathroom a beautiful organic feel. Plants clear the air and make us happier just by looking at them, so they are essential for your ‘me’ time. 

Put Up A Statement Mirror 

Statement mirrors are worth the investment as they look incredible and last a long time. A statement mirror could take your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Make sure it’s big enough, as a small mirror could make your bathroom look smaller. Think luxury! 


Make Sure You Can Control The Lighting

You’ll need task lighting in the bathroom sometimes, but when you’re bathing and trying to let the stresses of the day float away, you’ll want to dim them down. Having lighting you can control is ideal for this, so install a dimmer switch and make sure you have some beautiful soy candles on hand to add to the spa feel. 

Upgrade Your Bath

Having a deep tub that’s almost a hot tub could help you to enjoy ultimate relaxation on those pamper nights. Corner bathtubs look great and you can even get different types of lighting installed on the tub to add to the relaxing atmosphere. 


Ensure It’s Easy To Clean

The last thing you want to do is have to scrub everything meticulously when you’ve just been relaxing. Make sure you select materials that are easy to clean and don’t attract too much mould. For example, grouting can trap moisture and grow mould. Wet rooms are the ideal choice for those who want a room that is easy to clean. 


Keep It Uncluttered

Keeping your bathroom uncluttered is key if you want to be able to relax, but it can be so hard to do this in a bathroom where you have a ton of different products. To avoid too much mismatching see if you can buy matching jars and containers for your products. Then all you need to do is label them so you don’t end up brushing your teeth with your shaving cream! There are lots of different kinds of storage units that can help with this too.  

Treat Yourself

Make sure you treat yourself to products you can use when you’ve had a particularly stressful day. Salts, bombs/fizzers, scrubs, and essential oils are all amazing products to have on hand when you’ve had a tough day. Fluffy towels and a quality bathrobe can help to make you feel like you’re visiting a real-life spa, too!


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