Current Favourites August 2019

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I always heard good things about Ofra’s highlighters but I never really realized how truly good they are. The pigmentation of these highlighters is truly amazing and beautiful.





Bath Products

After my c-section, my back has been absolutely killing me, I’ve even been waking up at 4am to have a bath, as that’s the only thing that soothed me in pregnancy. I found adding the tiniest amount of muscle soak really helped my back pain for a little bit of time.


Disclaimer: I own all these pieces of clothing so I can vouch for the quality and wear out of them.


Wide Fit Plimsols White*



LA Sweater




Knitted Jumper*


“Hello Sunshine” Tshirt*


This is one of my favourite shirts. One because it’s yellow and the slogan is super cute! It goes with nearly everything and the quality is so good, it’s a super soft tshirt!


Yellow Pleated Skirt*






Paladins Tierlist - October 2018




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  1. I am always looking for new places to go shopping and I loved the clothes you featured! I will need to take a look! =)

  2. I totally want to try that Body Shop banana goodness! And I wish those shoes were available on this side of the pond because they look so cute and comfy!

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