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A wildly unknown statistic people fail to comprehend is that in the United States between 9,000 to 13,000 seniors will retire on a daily basis. Similar trends exist in the UK and other countries such as Canada. We fail to understand the massive change this will bring to politics, our economy and more importantly what it means for health care.

If we feel as if wait times at clinics are too long, drugs too expensive, and are not given enough time by care providers, it may only get worse. This is compounded by the fact that a shortage of doctors already exists and will continue to increase steadily throughout the next decades.

If I have caught your attention, fear not, it is not all grim for us! Although these things are taking place in the economy around us, there are new technological and other changes that are taking shape that will help us achieve better health.


Let’s start with nutrition and our general environment as a health factor. We have now come to not only understand but accept and apply what we have learned regarding many things were up for debate up until recently. Some examples of what I am talking about are: good fats vs bad fats, gluten, BPA, non organic foods, and even mindfulness. The general consensus now is that we have to build our lifestyle around these factors, and all of this will lead to better health and wellness.

The reason this is important is because upwards of 50% of the deaths that occur in the US are preventable. Many of these was because of sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and smoking. Smoking rates are down, people are exercising more and eating better. A good first step in reducing chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases and potentially lowering chronic conditions.


The next great change society has now made is utilizing technology. Technology such as mobile health apps or “eHealth” apps and wearables have helped the general population greatly understand their health more objectively.

Apps such as CareClinic take into account all aspects of health such as sleep, diet, vitals. The app provides Logs, Charts, and Correlation that users may use to figure out the effectiveness of their treatment automatically. Again this helps the seniors, those with chronic conditions, and even those that wish to live a healthier life without much effort. Apps such as these are available on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS but even the web so you may not even need to download anything!

If you do not have any wearable devices, we urge you to seriously consider getting one that will help you make meaningful changes to your health. Better health comes from taking small meaningful steps overtime. No one can cut out all sugar in one day. No one can start to run marathons with no training. It takes time, commitment, and effort. Apps can help in this facet as well, take the case of improving medical adherence. Simple medication tracking through apps has shown to increase adherence rates by as much as 30% which leads to countless lives saved per year, less hospitalizations, less drug costs and more importantly lowers burden on your loved ones. Which would be a good reason for families to all make an concentrated effort to start using apps that can benefit everyone.

The added benefit of everyone taking care of themselves is not just being able to enjoy a healthier life. It also means you save money, you save time, and generally if everyone does their part, it will lower the burden on our healthcare system for everyone. Technology is helping us simplify this, more education is going to be needed to help everyone learn about what is possible, what is healthy, and what isn’t. But the most important part remains us needing the will to consider healthier options and sticking to them to turn them into habits.

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