My Current Faves – March 2020

flatlay of animal crossing wax melts by chronical sunflower co

I haven’t done one of these posts since October 2019 (read here). I guess it’s due to the fact that not a lot in terms of what I like has changed, but 2020 is a new year and I have definitely started feeling more like myself this year and starting to take charge of my life a bit more. So here are my current favourite products/items in my life. At the moment there is no “beauty” section as I am not into any makeup at the moment.

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Animal Crossing Tea Towel*

So my friend Jess creates a lot of fandom-related things, and I have to say I love them all and yes I am bias! This tea towel is absolutely beautiful – and can be used as a tapestry. I have it on my oven like a little decoration! It’s one of my favourite decor items at the moment.

flatlay of animal crossing wax melts by chronical sunflower co
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Wax Melts

I just love wax melts and in 2019 they became a massive craze. I decided this year to start making my own with more of an aesthetic I hope to progress but I also love buying from vendors. Those including Sara Makes Melts and Meliscents (use code CSUNFLOWER10 for 10% off). I just love the different smells it brings into the home making them more your own space. They’re also 100% eco soy and pet-friendly (make sure you check with the vendor first). See more of my own wax melts here. #SupportSmallBusinesses.

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Swan Tea Pot*

I absolutely adore this teapot and makes a great addition to my kitchen! I’ve always loved the look of swans (The Swan Princess was my favourite film growing up) so I love having an aspect of swans in my house.

Swan Salt and Pepper Shakers*

To continue the swan theme I had to get these salt and pepper shakers. Yet to use them but they make a great decoration by my oven!


jumbo oversized ribbed tee in mustard from boohoo

Oversized Jumbo Tee*

If you don’t know already I love the colour yellow and the majority of my clothes…are yellow! This is one of my favourite items and a bit “out of there” for me. The slits in the side are a bit high but that’s why I also love high waist jeans.

Yellow Knit Lounge Set*

Again yellow but what do you expect? I love this lounge set it’s so comfy and stylish at the same time.

Stationery and Accessories

Eden Candle Supplies

I just have to give a quick shout out to my CLP and business sticker supplier. Their quickness in getting orders out, pricing and customer service is brilliant. If you’re looking for packaging or business supplies check them out!

My Body My Choice Notebook*

This notebook has been on sale for a while SO I just had to buy it. It’s a feminist statement and I just love anything that has a statement. It’s a nice cheap book but very good quality.

Mini 2 Wireless Headphones*

Yes, these earphones may look like a popular more expensive brand and they may seem “dodgy”. However, I can vouch that these earphones are exactly like the popular ones. I am actually impressed at the price of them and how good they have been to me. Although I do prefer wired headphones, these are good if needed.

Washi Tape Set*

Everyone needs a set of washi in their stationery collection; it’s now a staple in mine. A good place to start is with your favourite colour and buying a bundle like this! They’re gorgeous and good quality for something so cheap! I have the pink and purple set at the moment and love them!


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