My Favourite Home Decor Items – October 2019

picture of vase, ghost, pumpkin tea light holder and hanging plant

Interior Decor has become a little obsession of mine lately. I remember when Mrs Hinch was on around 5k followers and I aspired to have a house like hers. But with a touch of yellow. I share my home on my Instagram but I thought; why not share my favourite home decor items here? And you will find that I mostly buy from eBay!

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Deluxe 2 Tier Drainer Rack*

This may be more of a necessity if you don’t own a dishwasher but I think it acts as decor in my kitchen. It’s not only pretty but essential for us who wash the dishes! It saves you space, adds some height and makes it much easier for dishes to dry it out.

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Artificial Hanging Ivy Plant*

As seen in my picture above, I’m all about hanging plants! I just think they look so good and natural! My bedroom is grey and green (the only room in the whole house that won’t be yellow focused…oops!) and my kitchen has a “natural” element in the “social” corner.

picture of mirror in hallway covered in fairy lights
One of my favourite corners in my house! Especially now it’s Autumn!


Wax Burners

I don’t have a link to any because…well I have so many! And to be honest, you can find any wax burner to match your home interior. I truly believe that a wax burner is a home decor essential. Burning some pumpkin wax or witches’ brew in this weather makes me feel all warm and cosy! Want to see a blog post based on my favourite wax vendors? Comment below!

Moon Night Light*

This is a necessity when you have just had a baby. Originally Danny got me this night light as a birthday gift many “moons” ago as it just looked nice in my old bedroom. However, now I have had to endure night feeds, it has helped me to see what I’m doing at 3 am. Thankfully Charles now sleeps through the night but is it just me that finds formula seems to stick to the feed pots more at night? Like how does that even happen?

Plant Pots*

You may be thinking “…What?” but these plant pots have multiple uses! Of course, my artificial flowers go into them but I also find them super cute for putting little bits of stationery in for storage and to add my “yellow” into the room! I have these mostly in my living room and office as I have stationery in both (and they are both yellow-themed).


Ratten Storage Baskets*

The exact ones I bought are from Home Bargains but there is also a good deal on Amazon for these too! These baskets are perfect for anything! I use the white ones in the living room for baby storage (I have nappies, dummies, wipes, nappy sacks and fresh vests in one, and wax melts in another). Upstairs I have documents in them in the bedroom and packaging in the kitchen. They’re universal, pretty and I’m hoping to buy more for food storage!

What’s your favourite space in your home? Or your home decor items? Leave me a comment below and I’ll check them out!



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