How To Turn Your Garden Wilderness Into A Beautiful Oasis*

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Summer is finally here and it is time to get outside and enjoy your garden. But if you’ve left the grass to grow a little bit too much over the last few months, you may be faced with a wilderness that needs to be tamed. 


As much as it might seem like a daunting job, clearing your garden up and getting it ready for summer will be rewarding, especially when you can feel like you can relax in it once the peak of summer really hits. 


In this article, we’ll be talking about how you can tame your garden wilderness, and make it into a beautiful, calming oasis


Planting A New Hedge 


Having a hedge can be very useful. If you don’t currently have one, you may want to consider it as it will provide you with additional privacy from your neighbours, it will act as a valuable windbreak, and it’ll look great too. 


You may worry that a hedge will take many years to grow and develop, however, you can buy fully grown plants for your Yew hedge by Hedgeplants Heijnen without the need to wait for them to grow. That way, you can enjoy a fully grown hedge without a long wait. 


Yew hedges are typically very easy to maintain. 


Lawn Care


One of the worst affected areas in an overgrown garden is often the lawn. Not only will your lawn tend to grow upwards, but it will also grow outwards too. If you haven’t managed to keep up on lawn care throughout the first few months of the year, your grass may be too high for a lawnmower to cut. 


Using a strimmer, take the lawn down as low as you can. Once you have strimmed the lawn all over, you should rake off all of the cut grass. 


Turning your strimmer sideways, it will be possible for you to trim the edges of your lawn. Remember to keep the strimmer as straight as possible so that you get the neatest finish 


Once you have finished with your strimmer, it is time to move onto your lawnmower. 


Mow your lawn to bring the grass down to a neat and even cut. 


If there are any patches where the grass has died on your lawn, you should consider planting some grass seed. 


Don’t forget to water your lawn during the hotter spells. 


Patio Clearance 


If your patio has become overgrown and dirty, you can fix this by using a long patio knife or a hard metal brush and a pressure washer


Use the pressure washer to get your patio as clean as possible. In doing this, you will also be able to loosen up the weeds that will be living down in the gaps between your paving stones. 


Then, take your long patio knife or metal brush and work at removing the weeds. They should come out much easier when they are wet because the soil will not be too hard. 

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